Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Making Curry!

So, I've been doing a lot of blog searching lately trying to find where my style is. I've seen some really amazing blogs that I just have to ignore because mine is hopeless in comparison. I tend to like pictures because they make it a little more interesting, but have found some of the most interesting blogs composed solely of someones thoughts. I've also come to like blogs that tell random little tidbits about the persons life instead of the normal updates (which is what I have been doing). So, in an effort to spice things up a bit.....Curry!
The other night, I didn't know what to eat and had been meaning to try a Curry dish for a long time. I got all the ingredients ready and realized that I didn't even have my curry powder (I think my sister has it :). Being the dearest sweetest husband that he is, Andrew willingly ran to the store (with a stop at home depot) to get some curry powder so I could make my dish.

Side thought:I have realized something lately about my personality...not sure if it's because of pregnancy or something I just haven't noticed until now...when I get excited or make my mind up about something it's hard for me to move on. If that thing doesn't end up happening I get really disappointed even when it's something silly like curry. hmmm, maybe it's a little bit of pregnancy cravings that I'm feeling. Can cravings be expressed through desires for things other than food? :)

Anyways, back to the story...Andrew came back right as the veggies/chicken mixture was ready for the curry. I mixed it in along with the other last ingredients and soon had a finished curry chicken with rice dinner. Here are some pictures of the process....
Just a picture of some of the key ingredients

A pot of a bunch of stuff.

The finished product. Sorry it's not all arranged on a pretty plate;
We were way too hungry to wait for that and Andrew would think I'm weird :)

So a couple things I've learned about can basically make it a million different ways. You can put a number of different things in it...potatoes, veggies (any kind), chicken, even apples! It's hard to mess up. Next time I make it however, I will be adding more spice to it. I like the really spicy kind, but for my first time it was enough to satisfy my craving. If anyone has a great recipe they would like to share, I would be happy to learn it!

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kkrich said...

your curry looks dang good cort! look at u such a cute wifey.