Thursday, April 10, 2008

Valuable lessons learned

As I was attending the last day in one of my classes, some thoughts and realizations came to me that i wanted to share. My wonderful Social Work teacher led a great and spiritual discussion about her feelings and passion for our major. She has done some wonderful work in Africa and all around the world with AIDS prevention as well as church enrichment programs. Many of my classmates also shared their feelings and appreciation for our social work program. I'm not sure what particular comment it was, but throughout the discussion I came to realize the main reason that I was meant to be a social work major. The interventions and skills that I have learned throughout this program have given me the best preparation I could get to become a mother. As our little one is on her way, I am so grateful for the training and experiences I had recieved.


Kirsten said...

I agree. There are so many life lessons that we learn in our classes and there is no doubt that you'll be a better mom because of it! Good luck with your finals and everything!

Breanna said...

Hey Cort, I found this website (sparkpeople) that's really neat, and they have a pregnancy section, I thought you might like it.