Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My New Haircut

So lately I've been having the hair blues...ya know when you are just sick and tired of the same hairstyle every single day? I'm sure all you girls have had this experience. Well, my plan was to grow my hair out until after the baby, but as time went on I got mroe and more anxious to get a nice cut (when you find yourself picking your split ends in church you know it's time for a cut :) Anyways, about two weeks ago I just decided that it was the day. I don't really have a salon or stylist that I go to here in UT, but my mother in law and a few other family members go to a place in Orem called Stylin. I called them up, printed out a picture of the hair that I wanted, and went in. I didn't realize it but the girl ended cutting 6 whole inches off! That is a lot for someone that doesn't really have long hair. So, after a couple of weeks I have finally gotten the hang of doing it and I LOVE it. It's so good to have healthy hair that actually turns out after you spend time on it. Before, no matter how much time I would spend, it did not turn out :( Thank goodness for haircuts! Below is a before and after picture.

After, sorry it's blurry. It's the best i have.

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Shawnanana said...

U can see if better in the belly pose and its way cute cort!