Monday, June 9, 2008

Our new chair

The past few days have been pretty busy and fun-filled for us. While waiting for the baby to come, it's good to keep myself busy otherwise it just seems like it's taking forever. Anyways, to start this blog I will share one of my "wishes" for when baby comes. I have been looking around lately for a used rocker that I will be able to use for my nursing chair to have in our bedroom. I just figured that would be nice to have for middle of the night feedings. As much as I wanted this wish to come true I didn't think I would find a decent enough one that fit our budget and eventually stopped looking. So last Thursday night, I went to enrichment night and returned home to find new furniture! Not really...Andrew had gotten some used furniture for free. One of the pieces was a really ugly worn, vinyl, overstuffed rocker/recliner (you will see in pictures below). Andrew said he almost didn't get it because he didn't think it was worth anything but figured we could just get rid of it. So, this is where the adventure began. I for one, have a thing with worn and dirty fabric especially when I don't know what it's been through; it kind of grosses me out and I just don't like sitting on dirty, old material. Not trying to be stuck up; it's just a thing. So, being all optimistic as usual :) we saw the great potential in this little old grandma of a chair. We decided to give it a chance and try and fix her up; afterall she was really comfortable and still worked perfectly fine. The next night we took a trip to Joann's where all the home decor fabric was and still is 50% off. We looked through all of it and realized that the best normal priced "couch" fabric that we could see was 20 bucks a yard...a little pricey for what we were looking for. Then as we were browsing Andrew found a soft, cream colored fabric for just 9.99 full price (so, 5$ half off). I figured it would be some cheep material since it was priced so low, but when I looked I found out it was chenille. Chenille is the type of fabric I LOVE on couches and is known for lasting a really long time. Our minds were made up. We ended up getting about 6 yards and used every bit of it. Recovering the chair was a big project but actually quite fun. Andrew and I worked on it a couple hours Friday night, all day Saturday, and just finished it off today. Needless to say, we are very proud of our work. It was fun to spend time with Andrew doing a project together. I used my sewing machine to sew a few of the parts and Andrew did the stapling with my help. It really wasn't as hard as we thought and turned out to be really nice. To me, it's just as good as a brand new recliner, only cost a fraction of the price (itty bitty small fraction). Moral of the story, I got my wish :) It is sitting in the corner of our bedroom just waiting for our little one to arrive. Everytime I walk in I have to sit down; it's really comfortable.

Ewww, the vinyl was just too gross, especially looking back on it.

I sewed that amazing cushion along the back thank you very much :)

The finished prodect!

Me in the finished product :) Not the best picture

(my belly looks shiny) and I hadn't showered for the day.


Shawnanana said...

Wow it looks awesome, professional and comfty! good job olsens!

Mom Kenyon said...

Wow Cort and Andrew, it looks great! You did a nice job. Hope you have lots of cozy times snuggling with your little baby.

Mom Kenyon said...

Wow Cort and Andrew, it looks great. Can't wait to see it.

kkrich said...

i am so impressed! good job cort.