Friday, February 26, 2010

What should I be doing?

Well, we are in the middle of moving and what am I doing? That's right, blogging. I just cannot seem to get into packing and moving. Just thinking about it makes me yawn. At least it's only 25 minutes away, which means we can make multiple trips.

A few things to blog about....our new apartment pros and cons

We are moving to Stonebrook apartments which are pretty nice. They have granite counter tops with deep sinks. The lip on the sink is inset so you can just wipe stuff right on it! That's great. The dining area is big and open both to the kitchen and living area...that's nice. There are two bedrooms, much better than one (we're moving up in the world:)! The carpet isn't nice but much better than what we had here. It's brown as opposed to the cream color we have here that has 0% stain resistance. I have sincerely hated it. Our bedroom has two closets and all the closets have built in shelving. The bathroom vanity is also granite and is larger than than our old one. The sink lip is also inset. There are more drawers and area for bathroom items yay! The bathroom itself is much larger and has the washer and dryer in it (with closet doors to close it off). I like this because you can just keep all the dirty stuff inside the bathroom where it should be. We get to paint one wall in the front room an accent color which I thought was a great idea for the apartment to do. It is also just a few months old so everything including appliances are all new. So, all in all a good apartment

Down side.....It's not too big :( We are taking a cut in both the living area and our bedroom. Thr light fixtures are gold...not a fan. The tub is kinda small. There's VERY little storage. We will be renting a garage to put our stuff in. It's an apartment so all the goods that come along with that....noisy neighbors, parking, knowing that everyone in the other thousand apartments is living with the same floor plan as you.....I guess there aren't too many negative things the biggest one is the small front room but you can't get everything you want when you're still starving students right?

So that's our apartment, I'm excited to get all settled in!

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