Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yet another Christmas

When my parents came to UT they brought us another Christmas. Since we weren't able to go to CA this year for Christmas, they brought all of Zoey and our presents with them to UT this trip. I also brought the presents we had for them so they could open them.

Here's Breanna with the apron I made for her.

Here's my mom and dad, or Grammy and Grampa with a picture of Christ we got for them

Here's little Zoey helping Grampa open his present. Notice the accumulation of presents she is wearing.

Zoey opening her Grammy stocking. I think she had more fun this time around than on the real Christmas because she didn't have to get up at 5am with all the cousins :)

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Jennifer said...

Cortney! Your girls are so precious, I love seeing pictures of them. I'll bet your mom is in HEAVEN with cute granddaughters to love. It's so good you have a blog! When Nixon and Easton were little and so close together, the first few years are a blur for me - I really needed to do more journaling at that time in my life! So glad to see things are good for you - hugs!