Tuesday, February 15, 2011

18 weeks...yikes!

Well, I'm officially 18 weeks along, about 4 months. I felt pretty self absorbed as I spent time editing and uploading pictures of...ME! I have to admit I took many many pictures in attempt to have my belly look as normal and un-fat as I could. Almost every other angle just made me look chubby so I did spend some time taking pictures of myself. Haven't done that in a long time. I didn't feel like getting all made up on top so I stuck with the no-face pictures. Saved a lot of time there lol. I took pretty regular pictures of myself at every stage while I was pregnant with Zoey. With Jane, I didn't really feel up to taking pictures of myself...not sure why, just frowned every time I though of a pregnant picture. I wish now I would have been better because I would like to go back and compare my pregnancies. I think the only pictures I have being pregnant with Jane are from the end. Anyways, enough rambling. I am pretty excited because things are going by quicker than I expected. I find myself forgetting how far along I am and recounting only to find out I'm farther than I thought. That is great. In just two short weeks I will get to find out my baby's gender! I don't think I could ever wait until the end. I'm having a hard enough time not wanting to know right now!

If you want to guess at what you think I'm having please leave a comment! I would love to know what others think. If you're wondering if this pregnancy is different than my others...yes and no haha. Yes, it's different because I'm much bigger than I was with Zoey and Jane. Yes, because if I remember right both Zoey and Jane's heart rate was high in the 160's and this babies heart rate has been in the 140's every time. No, because I still got the same nasty nausea that seems to linger and linger well past 13 weeks. I think it's FINALLY on it's way out so that is great. So make your guesses!

A visit to the past...

24 weeks with Zoey....after going through my pregnant pictures with Zoey this is the closest comparable size I could find to what I am now at 18 I'm not really sad about it, I just think it's really interesting and kind of funny. I am showing about 6 weeks sooner than I was with Zoey.

18 weeks with Jane.
Like I said, I didn't really take pictures with Jane. I guess part of it was because we didn't announce the pregnancy to anyone until almost 20 weeks when we found out the gender. This picture was taken on our vacation to California and obviously just the fact that I could be seen in a swim suit and still keep it a secret meant I was not showing much. OH, and look and mini Zoey. I just LOVE looking back at pictures of her from when she was little (not that she's much bigger :)


The Lewis Family said...

I guess boy! And I totally got fatter faster with babe 3 too, but also seem to be losing it at a faster rate, so not too shabby :)


Nannie said...

I think it is a boy.Thanks for your blog. I love all the pictures.

Polly said...

I'm voting for a girl.

Michelle said...

I say boy just because. :) You still look so tiny to me. Mine has definitely poked out a ton the last few weeks. You are as cute as ever.