Thursday, February 24, 2011

Two Silly Gooses

The term "silly goose" is used in our home a lot. It probably started with me and now Zoey is always saying things like "Jane, you're a silly goose!" or "mommy, I'm being a silly goose." I find myself taking random snap shots here and there of cute faces, fun moments, etc. but they never fit into the normal event posts that I do. So, I went through and pulled all the cute shots from over the past few months. I love them because they really show off their cute little personalities. Love my girls!

Probably one of the only days in the past few months that I actually got Zoey dressed and hair done. She's cute any way she comes but it is fun to get her all dolled up.

LOVE the squinty eye lol

A couple weeks ago we were all just sick. After days of using toilet paper on our noses, it just wasn't cutting it. One final look at Zoey's bright red, chapped nose told me lotioned tissue was a must! So, I had just brought the stuff in from the store, went to the back room and returned to and all. Jane had pulled out every single tissue from the brand new box. "silly goose" :)

Two funny things about this picture...1) this is what Andrew thought was the "front" of the shirt...he thought the buttons meant it was the front of a "collar." Gave me a good laugh. 2) Jane's's the face she makes when she sees the camera come out. I think it's so adorable!

Zoey was lookin cute one Sunday plus I had just cut her bangs so we took some pictures. The following are just some funny shots. I think they're fun to look at.

"the face" again. I think she does it in reaction to the flash, or rather in preparation for the flash.

One of my favorite pictures of Nancy Jane :)

No explanation needed...

Being goofy with her bowl.

Can't forget this spaghetti face!


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Those are such cute pictures! Love those girlies....

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