Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was pretty relaxed in our home this year. We were all getting over being sick so we planned on having our Valentine's date another night. Valentine's morning I made some pancakes and orange juice...not too special but at least out of the ordinary. I dressed the girls up in pink tutus for fun. It didn't last too long but made things a little more fun and festive. The girls got fun packages from my mom that I let them open Valentine's night. Here are some pictures of the girls Valentine's night.

Jane looks bigger than Zoey :) I guess she almost is! Love them!

Some of the treats from Grammy and Grampa

Just a little staged but still cute :)

and again...LOVE her gorgeous eyes!

Here's a little clip of Jane walking on Valentine's day. She has been taking multiple steps for a couple months now but has just taken her sweet time learning that walking really is the way to go. She is now officially walking and it's so fun...lot's of falls and tumbles still but so cute to watch her grow.

Below are some of the other Valentine's events that took place either before or after Valentine's. Somehow through it all Zoey got the impression that Valentine's Day was specific to only her. She would make comments like "Mommy, when it's YOUR Valentine's Day you can have a treat too" or "Mom, when it's my Valentine's Birthday I will get a cake." She's pretty cute, we love her!

-I made Valentine's for Zoey and Jane to give out to friends and family. (see photos below) It involved getting the girls all dressed up in fun pink dresses for a mini photo shoot. It was fun :) They are making fists to create a spot for a sucker to slip through. I could only get Jane to make a fist by giving her something to hold but it worked pretty well. You'll see...

Do you like the feather on her chin :)

The ones of just Zoey turned out so cute but I decided in the end to just go with the one of both girls and save time, money, effort, etc.

-Andrew's cousin Michelle planned a fun family Valentine's party in honor of Andrew's grandmother who used to throw anual Valentine's parties for the grandkids/great-grandkids before she passed away. I made some fun cupcakes for the party complete with chocolate heart toppers. There were lots of yummy treats, cute kids, and good company. (I stole these pictures from Michelle's blog...hope that's ok Michelle!)

Outfits from Grammy's Valentine's package. I especially love how little miss Nancy Jane looks...she sure is a sweetie!

My cupcakes. They were fun and easy to make, double plus. The chocolate hearts were as easy as melting a little piece of chocolate almond bark, pouring it into a ziploc, snipping the corner (just a tad) and squeezing it out onto wax paper in the form of hearts. Very easy and dried quickly.

Those homemade donuts were D-licious!

Cousins (or second cousins...don't really know) Elena and Jack

More cousins, kids, etc.

-Sunday before Valentine's we had some friends from our ward over for a Valentine's dinner. I tried a new recipe of Creamy Butter Lemon Chicken served over angel hair pasta. It was SOSO yummy! You can find the recipe here. Definitely a keeper. I'm thinking of making it again already :) For dessert I made jello cake and topped it with whipped topping and strawberries.....YUM! One of my favorite desserts. Ali also contributed to the dinner with super yummy corn and potatoes and yummy Valentine's sugar cookies.
-Last Saturday Andrew and I got to go on our Valentine's date. We went to see the movie Tron here at a local theatre. Afterwards we went to Idaho Falls to eat at Texas Roadhouse....mmm! Andrew indulged in a delicious steak that he said was one of the best he's ever had and we both got their famous (and rightly so) ribs. YUM! It was a great date.
(sorry no pictures of the last two events)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day even if you didn't have a Valentines. It's always a good excuse to eat yummy desserts and candy :)

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