Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunday Dress

I have always wanted to be better at taking pictures of the girls on Sunday. That's my new goal. This last Sunday Zoey was dressed cute with a couple minutes to spare so I snapped a couple of shots. Afterwards, Jane tromps over and wants in on the action so I took one of her too :) She wasn't quite ready for church which is why her hair looks crazy but I still think she's adorable.

Sorry there are so many of the same pictures. I couldn't decide which one was cutest so I just put them all. I'm bummed they are so blurry but I still like them.

I just LOVE Zoey's A-line. A friend in our ward cut it a couple weeks ago. I really just like short hair on Zoey for now at least. Maybe someday I'll grow it out but for now I'm keeping it short.

I just love how Jane is posing the same way Zoey was posing. She really does look up to her big sister. She follows her around and when she's having a hard time falling asleep alone, she's always ok once I put Zoey to bed. Just these little things make me happy. I hope they are always great friends.

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