Friday, April 20, 2012

The Booger Song

This just might be the funniest video I've ever taken of my girls. Sorry for the angle, I had to be conspicuous as they were both sitting right next to me on the couch. Some background before you watch it...Jane had just come from a short time out in her room and was sad. She sat down next to me and Zoey came over and started comforting her with a song something like this "Don't cry, don't be sad, it's ok". Zoey has done this before and when I heard her starting to sing to Jane I immediately got my phone recording because I didn't want to miss such a sweet moment. Little did I know, the course of the song would soon change...
It's pretty quiet so turn your volume up and if you still can't hear, I put the lyrics below. You can read as you watch. Enjoy!

dont be sad...let me see you nose, does it have any boogers, boogers, does it have any boogers. No, No, it doesn't have, doesn't have any boogers....a booger, do I have any boogers say YES! I do, it's ok. Don't cry, don't be sad. Don't be sad, hmmmmm. 


Liji and Christina Waite said...

That is so funny. I was dying when Zoey realizes that she better check her own nose for boogers. So cute! I miss them way too much.

Laura said...

That's awesome! They are sweethearts!