Saturday, April 14, 2012

I really love my kids!

I know my posts have really been lacking here and I apologize. Life has been busy, but wonderful. I have been making some much needed improvement to my life and it's been a neat experience. It feels good to see improvement, even if it's something small. I'm not sure what exactly to post right now other than some cute pictures of the kiddos. They really are cute kids, can't say that enough! I am so blessed to have such loveable children. SO easy to love.

A few of my favorite things about my kids....

Zoey: She was a very early talker with perfect pronunciation from day 1. I am proud of this but haven't gotten to experience much of the cute toddler talk/gibber that most toddlers have. Consequently when she does slip up on a word/phrase I hardly ever correct her. I think it's cute to hear the last of her toddler days still lingering. Here are the few she is still saying. Breakfast=Bregbrist
Fold your arms=Fol-jarms
Tornado=Tormado (both her and Jane say this)
When she sneezes she says "bless you" instead of "excuse me"
She calls sneezes "bless you's"

Picture: She is showing off her belt looping skills...who needs pinterest?

There are a couple more that I can't recall. Pretty soon she will be a kid with no toddler left in her. I'm feeling a little apprehensive about that but excited at the same time. She's such a good little girl despite her persistent fights with Jane.
Jane: She is my cuddle buddy! She loves to melt into your arms and give hugs, lay her head down, or just smother her head into your belly for no reason at all. I love it. She comes into my bed in the morning and cuddles with me. Those are always special moments. She still asks to be held...doesn't NEED to be held, but would prefer it. Not for laziness sake, just to be close to someone. I also love how she isn't particular about who is cuddling her. It could be mom or dad or some random nice stranger. She warms up pretty fast and gives her love so willingly. What a special quality to have. I am excited to see how this quality is expressed as she gets older. Hopefully she will always be willing to give her momma a nice big hug.

Picture: Jane thought it was pretty neat that she could fit into her dolls pants...I was cracking up,
this girl is funny!

Picture: LOVE the outfit Jane
Thomas: This kid is crazy. He's so funny and is really starting to show his personality. He has found his vocal chords, boy has he found them! He starts yelling, not screaming, it's a deep LOUD yell when he wants attention. SO different from my girlies. Andrew asked the other day if our girls ever yelled like him and I had to remind him that "no, remember the girls screamed in high pitch shrill voices? This is just the boy version of that". I have to say, I much prefer the boy version. It may be loud, but it does not physically hurt my ears. He also started doing this cute thing recently that I'll try to describe. When I'm holding him and not looking at him (usually looking at my phone or something) he cranes his head around and under where my face is so he is looking straight at my face. When we make eye contact he gets a huge grin. I set him back in normal position on my hip and he'll start over leaning in to see my face like it's a game. It's SO cute. I just love that little boy. He just started crawling which is fun. He also got his first tooth! We sure do love having this little spirit blessing our home each day.

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