Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jane and Tom-bo

Tom-bo is a nickname we have for Thomas. Jane prefers to use "Tom-bo" when she talks to him.

Tonight, Andrew and Zoey went on a Daddy daughter date to the Kansas City Temple open house. We went through as a family last week but thought it would be neat for Zoey to get to go again with just Andrew. Jane was pretty emotional about not being able to go to the temple on a "daddy date" so I gave her and Thomas extra cuddles tonight. Those two are so cute together. Lately I've been thinking about their relationship. We easily group Zoey and Jane together because they are the first two kids, only 18 months apart, and both girls. However, Thomas and Jane are also 18 months apart and as I catch little glimpses of their interactions it makes me smile. I really think they'll grow up to be good friends.

I was feeling an overwhelming love for these two little kiddos tonight as we spent some time together. We had fun taking pictures and I couldn't just pick one to show so I posted them all. Each one makes me smile. As you can see in a couple of them, Thomas is already being a little bully to Jane. Her reaction is adorable. I'm sure he'll soon find enjoyment in watching that reaction as he teases her (maybe he already does).


Anna Hernandez said...

Super cute! Your kids are always so adorable :) I love the ones where Thomas is being a bully.. not that I should like that, but it's funny cause that's what boys do! They're just silly with their sisters. I'm glad you had a good time with them. And that must be such a neat experience for Zoey to go through the whole temple at such a young age. :) You should have her make a journal entry about it(if she can write - or translate her jibberish for her) :)

Laura said...

LOVE the pictures! You're a beautiful mommy!

Liji and Christina Waite said...

I love Jane's face when Thomas is pushing her. She is kind of like, Mom what should I do? He's hurting me and I know I'm not supposed to do anything back.