Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The story/picture game...

Most every Sunday Andrew and I have dinner with my sister Brittany, her husband Scot, my brother Dustin, and Scot's brother Mike. My good friend Erin also came this past Sunday and we had chicken curry. Afterwards we played a fun game that Erin suggested; I'm sure many of you have played before. Everyone writes a sentence, passes their paper clockwise and that person draws a picture of their sentence. Then you fold the paper so only your part is showing and pass again. This person then writes a sentence about the previous person's drawing. It continues until the page is filled up or until you get it all the way around the circle. So, I thought some of ours were funny, hope you can read them. It is sort of like the game telephone where the original phrase gets really mixed up by the end. Enjoy!


Jake & Rachel said...

aww I'm jealous you got to see Erin! She said Zoey was adorable!
I have never heard of that game...sounds fun...and looks funny!!

kkrich said...

that is too funny! what a fun twist on the 'what if' game!