Thursday, September 4, 2008


Well, I've always wanted to be tagged and thanks to my good friend Shawnanana, I finally have received the opportunity.

The Five:
Ten Years ago I:
1. just turned 12
2. started the oh so awkward seventh grade
3. started Young Womens
4. looked pretty awkward too
5. thought I was pretty good at math

5 things on todays "to do list"
1. finish laundry
2. have dinner ready by 6
3. get ceasar dressing and butter from the store
4. get my parking permit for BYU
5. go to my nephew Mikie's endowment session (if I find somewhere for Zoey)

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. fresh fruit, esp. pineapple and red, ripe grapes
2. slurpies and snow cones
3. nachos with real cheese
4. cold stone cheesecake ice cream with pie crust and strawberries
5. lemon slushes

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire:
1. give some money to people that really could use some
2. buy a house
3. invest after learning how
4. pay off school loans
5. to be honest, I'm sure I would go on a shopping spree.

5 places I have lived

1. 62nd St W, Lancaster, CA
2. Wentworth St. in Tujunga, CA
3. Regency Apartment 26, Provo, UT
4. West Provo in a cute old little house in a bad part of town
5. Lindon, UT in "the cottage"

5 jobs I have had
1. stocker in the Candy Department of the BYU Bookstore (I stocked shelves not people)
2. Cabin Counselor at Camp Max Straus
3. Waitress/office girl/store worker at Jacob Lake Inn
4. Secretary for BYU Financial Services front desk
5. Student Advocate for Provo School District

I tag.. Michelle Rognon, Kara Morgan, Kirsten Clark, Mandy Bare, and Jennifer Hull
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Shawnanana said...

I bet u stocked some people too. jk haha thanks for doing the tag! :) I hope you got to go to the temple.

Breanna said...

I can watch Zoey while you go the Temple:)

Michelle said...

wow. I had no idea mikie was that old yet. crazy. So I thought I'd let ya know that I did your tag for you. :)