Monday, September 15, 2008

Zoey Update

Well, I always have the best intentions for my blogs...really interesting, thoughtful, and just fun to read.... I guess they're not living up to their expectations, sorry! I still have a lot of blogs that I've been meaning to write for example, my yummy cornbread made from popcorn kernels, Andrews birthday "brownie bottoms" cake that I made, graduation (did I post that? I'll have to check), Zoeys trip to CA, my birthday, my sister Karlie's birthday, so,so much. Be prepared once my computer uploads pictures properly there will be an overload.

One thing I have to admit...I finally read the first twilight book and, I really liked it. Andrew thinks they have no substance and i guess he's right; I should be spending my reading time on good, gospel books especially since I hardly read at all (That's hopefully changing). But, those books are addicting and very easy to read and I like a good romance story even if there do happen to be vampires. I know I'm one of the latter ones to jump on this bandwagon, but wanted to say that I have finally read it.

So, my baby girl is changing so much, here are some pictures and updates on Zoey since my last posting...

-Zoey started sleeping all through the night at 8 1/2 weeks!

-Zoey no longer cries when I put her down to sleep, if she does it's a whimper for less than 2 minutes. I am so proud of her!

-As of one week ago, Zoey was 23 inches and weighed 9 lbs 1 oz.

-Zoey can stand on her dads hand in the air (I'll post a pic later)

-Zoey talks...a lot! she especially likes to talk to the elephants on her bouncy chair; it's pretty cute.

-Zoey got her two month shots which was sad but she did really well.

-Zoey smiles all the time.

-She is laughing more and more and it's really cute.

-She outgrew her first few outfits.

-She has buff legs, no joke!

-She's working on sitting up and doing pretty good, besides the fact that her head pulls her into a face plant almost every time :)

-She still rolls over.

-She graduated from sitting in an infant tub net to the actual tub seat.

I think that's about all her achievements so far besides being the cutest thing ever. Enjoy the pictures below.

My little cowgirl. This was August 30th. Gymboree is my favorite store.

I took this picture just a couple days ago.

Sept. 15th

Sept. 13th


The Lewis Family said...

Glad to see you guys are doing well!
We still have her gift to get to you, good thing it's not something one can grow out of ;)
Maybe our paths will cross soon :)

Breanna said...

I like your new hair cut, it's really cute.

CK Morgan said...

i hope you post your recipe's soon. Those dishes you made sounded really good :). I love the picture of you and your little girl. She's getting so big!