Monday, July 13, 2009

Zoey and her creative mind

Well, I have officially determined that my daughter is creative! When Zoey is playing by herself she comes up with all sorts of fun games. I love to sit back and watch. Sometimes she takes the bucket full of bath letters and throws them all over the place. Then one by one she makes sure they all get put back in. Note: this only happens when she plays by herself. If I'm trying to get her to pick them up, no luck. Yesterday was really cute. I found her playing with one of her new toys from her birthday. It's a tree with a hole in the top for balls to roll down and it plays music. There must not have been any balls around but with the usual mess we have going on, Zoey found plenty of substitutes. I watched her for a long time while she tried to stuff as many things as physically possible into the hole at the top. In the end, though you can't see everything, she managed to get a large flower headband, a babydoll bottle, a spoon, a nightgown, and she really tried hard to get her bloomers in to (they fell off :) I think she did a pretty good job. She was consentrating so hard on getting everything in. I guess it shows she has patience too. Creativity and patience, I'll take it!

This picture makes me laugh, smile, even get teary eyed. They grow up too fast!

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Breanna said...

That is so funny, what a smart little cutie! I can't wait to see her in August!!