Friday, July 3, 2009

Zoey's 1st Birthday!!!

I can't believe a year ago this is what was going on?!? She has changed so much but one thing has always stayed the Zoey has been the CUTEST and BEST baby since the moment she came to this earth. We love her so much. Seeing this picture makes me miss my itty bitty baby girl, but boy do I enjoy the fun, silly and oh did I mention adorable little girl she has become. I love ZOEY!!!

We had so much fun at Zoey's birthday party. We had it at Papa's lot (the Olsen family gathering place) and papa was so nice to get out the water toys. The kids loved it and the weather was perfect! Zoey especially loved the water, she was so excited the whole time she was playing in it. I can't believe our little girl is one! Time goes by so fast. The pictures are out of order, sorry!

Zoey after her party. She sure knows how to party :)

Playing with all the gifts she received. My cousins daughter Maya on the right.

Opening her Birthday Build-a-Bear

Yummy cake. She finally dove in!

She started out a little hesitant to get messy.

A little creeped out by the 40+ people singing to her

Her birthday cake (rachel, you inspired me, sorry if I copied :)

A bunch of the kids on the slide.

The cupcakes for the kids. I made 60 I believe with my moms help. They were good!

Zoey LOVING the water.

Zoey with her Birthday Bear

The day before we went and got Zoey her first teddy bear. This is her giving hugs.

Zoey kissing the heart before putting in the bear. (I guess her kisses are licks :)


Breanna said...

ohhh, her birthday looks like so much fun!

The Hulls said...

Happy 1st Birthday Zoey!! She is so cute! Looks like she had a fun day!

CK Morgan said...

happy birthday zoey! Those cupcakes turned out darling...and did you make that cake? Looks like it was a fun party!

Christine said...

I love the cupcakes and her little cake, so cute. It looks like Zoey had a great time.

Jake & Rachel said...

Happy (belated) first birthday!! Looks like a blast, who doesn't love cake and water! And I love your little cake! I think it turned out much cuter than mine, I will have to get those flower cutters. The cupcakes are so cute too, I can't believe you made so many.