Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Being pregnant

I hardly ever blog about being pregnant so here it goes.

Updates: I am 35 weeks along. Only five to go! I have gained 20 pounds. The baby is a girl; it has been verified in three different ultrasounds. My cervix measured short on my 20 week ultrasound so the next appointment they did another one to double check it. It was fine the second time around. At my glucose testing the nurse practitioner seemed worried that I hadn't gained weight in one week (I thought that was silly but whatever) so I went in for another ultrasound to measure the baby and check the cervix both of which were fine. The baby was measuring average/above average on everything except length. I guess that's not something they worry about because it's mostly genetic (apparently we are short, who knew :) Zoey was only 18 inches at birth so I wasn't surprised. I found out my doctor is going to Hawaii on the 19th of Jan. She seems to think I'll deliver early, but I bet I don't. I'm guessing another doctor will deliver this one....but oh how happy I would be if she came a week early. I really like my doctor; she's great!

My two pregnancies so far have a few similarities but mostly differences (not really sure why). The biggest difference was that I did not get as nauseous with this one. However, I have definitely noticed more of the typical pregnancies symptoms with this baby than with Zoey. With Zoey, after the nausea finally went away (around week 27) I had a pretty good pregnancy. This baby has caused a LOT more discomfort although I would take it any day over throwing up. I am definitely bigger. About two weeks ago I started saying I was as big as I was when I delivered Zoey. Now, I feel even bigger than I was when I delivered Zoey so hello new stretch marks :( I have gotten that disgusting pitting edema already. That pinching in my ribs started sooner and is driving me nutso! The newest development in this pregnancy has been my restless legs. These are killer. For the past week, every night as I wind down to go to bed, my legs will not relax. They have to be moving or I cannot stand the feeling. I'm sure lots of you guys know the feeling. It keeps me up at night and I am not looking forward to another five weeks + with this :( Any advice? I've tried calcium supplements, warm baths, massages, stretching, etc. Some of that seems to help a little. Nights are horribly uncomfortable for me anyways, so this has really made that worse. It seems that with this pregnancy I have felt a lot more ready a lot sooner for this baby to come. The thought of five weeks seems like forever, but atleast there are holidays in between to keep me occupied. There are a lot of ladies in my ward due around the same time as me. In Young Womens (where my calling is) both the president and secretary are having girls within a month of mine. That will be fun :) There has been three new baby cousins on the Olsen side since August and my turns next! I can't wait. I think I've gone on enough about being pregnant. I probably won't say much more about that. Here's a picture for your enjoyment :/ The only pregnant shot I've taken so far. I did too many with Zoey that I wasn't as excited this time. I am 33 weeks. Merry Christmas to everyone!


Jake & Rachel said...

Being pregnant is definately not fun but the end result is so worth it! Hang in there Cort! And for the sleepless nights, I took Ambien, it's the only thing that worked and is totally safe for the baby. I felt like I had to get good sleep before the baby came since I wouldn't be after :)

The Nelson's Nest said...

You may feel big, but you for sure don't look big! Obviously I've never been pregnant, but I did have restless legs one summer. I found the more I moved around in the day, the better it was at night. Also, I tried sleeping with a pillow between my legs, sort of pinching it. I have no idea why that worked, but it did! ha, maybe those will help you.


Michelle said...

You are so cute. I wish I could tell you what worked for me with my restless legs... :( I always tried everything and when I got really desperate I would try tylenol and usually an hour later I would somehow fall asleep. Sadly, I spent A LOT of time cleaning or watching a movie to side track myself from the legs... It was definitely not ideal. Good luck!