Monday, December 21, 2009

Video of Zoey at "Jump on it"

She loved this slide and wasn't scared to go on her own.

Zoey and Hailey

Tonight we celebrated our nephews birthday at a fun jumping gym called "jump on it". Zoey had a blast! I of course didn't jump but it was so nice to just sit and watch her having a ball. They had a childrens section that she played in most the time. She was thoroughly entertained....until some punk dad thought it would be fun to bombard the "4-feet and under" trampolines and voluntarily jumped right smack in the middle of the tramp that zoey was on. She went face first into the trampoline. She didn't get hurt but man the guy was like in his 20's. He should know better than to jump onto a trampoline with an 1 1/2 year old. Poor Zoey. She actually was really tough and never even cried but it made me mad at the dude. She could have gotten hurt! I didn't really mean to tell that story...oh well. We had lots of fun though. Check out a really cute video of Zoey jumping below.

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Breanna said...

I love the slide picture!