Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just a little bit of this and that

While uploading a bunch of our pictures to the computer, I realized that there are some pretty cute Zoey pictures that I should put up for friends and family. Enjoy, there are captions below each one to explain what's going on.

Zoey has been a pretty picky eater lately...sometimes it's hard but this night she LOVED my taco soup. I let her eat it by herself and she made a mess. I have a hard time letting her eat by herself because she has never really cared and unless she hasn't had a bath yet, it's just so much work to clean up a messy Zoey. I know someday I will have to let her, but we'll get there slowly.

Here is Zoey in her winter jacket I got her for 36 cents thanks to a half off sale/30% off friends and family/$14 left on an old navy gift card. We are ready for an Idaho winter! It's actually been quite mild this year for which I am grateful. We've only gotten two small storms where it actually the beginning of october (that scared me) and one while I was in UT for thanksgiving. However, this past week it has gotten COLD. I wouldn't know, being inside all day but our nephew Steven said it was -4 degrees F a couple nights ago!! Now that's cold.

Poor Zoey was having a tough time and usually baths will cheer her up a bit. So, I stripped her down and tried taking her blanky away but she really wanted to take it in with her....she won :)

Andrew put his sweater on Zoey to warm her up.

My cute little ballerina. We made these cute little tutu's for a women's activity at chuch. I'm saving it for Christmas, but had to test it out....pretty cute eh?

Andrew has the keyboard out a lot because he is taking a piano class at BYU-I. Zoey loves rocking out to it and trying to play it.

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