Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Word Count

I just posted a word count for Zoey on the right, now you can see all her new words she can say!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls Camp

Well, I got to go back to girls camp!!I feel like I was just there with all my friends (I was!) Now, I'm a leader, that's a little weird, but it was SO fun! I love all of our girls. They really are so much fun. They made me laugh so hard my tummy was hurting and tears were coming out. I haven't done that in awhile and it felt great!

One of the highlights was Monument hike. Not only is there a lot of meaning to the hike, but it has a great ending with wind caves that we hiked up into above a waterfall. Above we are crossing the waterfall to hike back up into it. Below I'm with a few of our girls, Candice, Shalene, and Melanie. We had fun! and don't say it, I already know I look like one of their fellow YW.

Playing Volleyball

Brother Richarson telling his infamous scary stories. This guy is really good!

More scary stories, ok we actually staged this photo but that's ok :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Some new shoes and lucky jeans

Well, today was Zoey's lucky day. I pulled out some Levi's that my mom had bought a while back in hopes that they would now fit Zoey. They are still a tad big, but fit well enough to start using them. Then I put some new pink shoes on that Zoey had gotten for her B-day from her cousins. She was lookin' good :) Then, we made our usual attempt to try and get Zoey interested in standing. Up until now, she will stand but kind of slowly makes her way to sitting again. She is able but not willing. But today, she stood for a very long time....still didn't really get excited no matter how big I jumped or hollered but it was an improvement. So....we have made a baby step. I know, I know, everyone's thinking how old she is and how she can't walk, but she's her own person. After so much standing I gave her a cheese stick for a treat and took a picture, what a cute little face :) On a further note for celebration, Zoey can say many words. She says, Mama, Dada, nose, bye bye, baby, doggie, tickle tickle, stop, and many more but those are her regulars. She can also sign for food and "all done" (the signs took a long time to teach whew). Anyways, we LOVE Zoey!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Zoey and her creative mind

Well, I have officially determined that my daughter is creative! When Zoey is playing by herself she comes up with all sorts of fun games. I love to sit back and watch. Sometimes she takes the bucket full of bath letters and throws them all over the place. Then one by one she makes sure they all get put back in. Note: this only happens when she plays by herself. If I'm trying to get her to pick them up, no luck. Yesterday was really cute. I found her playing with one of her new toys from her birthday. It's a tree with a hole in the top for balls to roll down and it plays music. There must not have been any balls around but with the usual mess we have going on, Zoey found plenty of substitutes. I watched her for a long time while she tried to stuff as many things as physically possible into the hole at the top. In the end, though you can't see everything, she managed to get a large flower headband, a babydoll bottle, a spoon, a nightgown, and she really tried hard to get her bloomers in to (they fell off :) I think she did a pretty good job. She was consentrating so hard on getting everything in. I guess it shows she has patience too. Creativity and patience, I'll take it!

This picture makes me laugh, smile, even get teary eyed. They grow up too fast!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Zoey's 1st Birthday!!!

I can't believe a year ago this is what was going on?!? She has changed so much but one thing has always stayed the Zoey has been the CUTEST and BEST baby since the moment she came to this earth. We love her so much. Seeing this picture makes me miss my itty bitty baby girl, but boy do I enjoy the fun, silly and oh did I mention adorable little girl she has become. I love ZOEY!!!

We had so much fun at Zoey's birthday party. We had it at Papa's lot (the Olsen family gathering place) and papa was so nice to get out the water toys. The kids loved it and the weather was perfect! Zoey especially loved the water, she was so excited the whole time she was playing in it. I can't believe our little girl is one! Time goes by so fast. The pictures are out of order, sorry!

Zoey after her party. She sure knows how to party :)

Playing with all the gifts she received. My cousins daughter Maya on the right.

Opening her Birthday Build-a-Bear

Yummy cake. She finally dove in!

She started out a little hesitant to get messy.

A little creeped out by the 40+ people singing to her

Her birthday cake (rachel, you inspired me, sorry if I copied :)

A bunch of the kids on the slide.

The cupcakes for the kids. I made 60 I believe with my moms help. They were good!

Zoey LOVING the water.

Zoey with her Birthday Bear

The day before we went and got Zoey her first teddy bear. This is her giving hugs.

Zoey kissing the heart before putting in the bear. (I guess her kisses are licks :)