Friday, March 19, 2010


Thanks to Andrew's cousin (would that be my cousin-in-law?) Michelle, I got the cutest idea for easter cupcakes. I found them on her blog and thought Zoey would love to help me make them and she sure did! They were a lot of work however but that's because I didn't have cake mix or frosting so I had to make those from scratch. But, it was fun to find a yummy cake and frosting recipe and I learned some good baking techniques along the way. The recipes turned out delicious! It was one from Magnolia's Bakery that was featured on the food network. The link takes you to the recipe for both cake and frosting. It's fun to get into the easter mood. I always find holidays creeping up on me and then it's too late to plan any fun crafts so this year I want to be better.

Finished product, cute!

What a girly girl! Look at those crossed legs, she does this on her own :)

Too many cadbury eggs in a mouth much too small

Zoey's cupcake that she helped decorate

Putting toasted coconut on top, she ate more than she put on.

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