Friday, March 19, 2010

Just a bunch of fun pictures

Sorry there are so many pictures. They are random and out of order but one's I thought were sweet/funny/too cute not to post. Enjoy.

Nancy Jane was being too cute today. I got some really cute pictures of her. Love this girl!

Cute smile!!!

Look at those cheeks and those big round eyes!

Jane has got a double chin :) I love it. She's my little chub

Snoozin in style

Thank you target for this $4 outfit. Zoey thinks it's "cute"

I LOVE this picture because it catches one of Zoey's cute faces that she does. She does it mainly when she's really excited about something. It reminds me of home videos I've seen of me when I was younger.

Idaho is still cold this time of year.

Zoey's Minnie paraphernalia from when Grammy took her to Disneyland.

Zoey is NOT a messy girl. She whines and whines when her hands gets dirty until they are clean. There aren't many pictures of her really dirty so I had to catch one while I could.

Zoey saying good-bye to her bedroom for the past year....the closet. My dad calls her Harry Potter :) At least it was a big closet. She now has her own room until Jane gets big enough to join her.

One day Zoey woke up from her nap and saw this unopened Barbie of mine that I for some reason still had. She got SO excited and kept begging me to "opit" (open it)

Jane puts up with a lot from Zoey.

Zoey is always giving hugs and kisses and wants to "help you" whenever she can.

How can she sleep like this?

We don't have many friends especially since we just moved in. This is a friend from our old ward that Zoey got to play with. She loves friends!

Makin popcorn


Bethany said...

those are so ADORABLE!!!

Michelle said...

Love all the new pics!!! We need to get together sometime soon!!!