Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby Andrew

I've been wanting to write this post for a long time so here I go. My sweet little nephew Andrew David Bare was born on May 10th. He was having trouble breathing and eventually they found out that his veins running from his lungs to his heart were not connected right. Basically he wasn't getting the right amount of oxygenated blood. When he was just four days old he went in for open heart surgery. This little boy had all of his blood from his whole little body taken out. His body was chilled to a certain temp (I can't remember the exact temp. but I think in the 60's) and hsi heart was chilled to an even lower temp. I guess that helps to kind of "pause/preserve" things while the surgery is taking place. What a lot for such a tiny person to go through. He did great however (as well as the medical staff/surgeon) and has been through a great/long recovery. He finally got to go home a few days ago but is still on oxygen and has a feeding tube. Because he never got a chance to eat after he was born he is having a hard time knowing how. It breaks my heart knowing how much this little guy has gone through. What a trooper! I love him so much. I got to visit him a couple times while he was at primary children's. Once a day after surgery and then again a few days before he went home. I'm not sure the real reason I wanted to post about him, just felt like I needed to. Prayers are much appreciated even now.

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Laura said...

What a lot for a small baby to go through. I will think of him often and definitely keep him in our prayers.