Thursday, May 6, 2010


Not much has gone on lately. We are mainly just hanging out at home. The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Today we actually woke up to snow everywhere...yuck! But, I have spent some much needed time getting organized. Between my own ideas, friends ideas and some from fly lady I have been trying to keep a consistant schedule. It's been going quite well. Not saying our house is spotless at ALL, just that I don't get as behind on things like dishes, laundry, clutter spots etc. My biggest problem area is my own bedroom...any tips?
It seems like clothes overtake it even though I have gone through my wardrobe and significantly cut down on it's size. The girls are getting SO big. I can't believe how fast things change in just a few months.

Love those cheeks! It's a new experience for me coming from skinny little Zoey but I LOVE it :)

Matching dresses :)

Zoey loves having a little pal.

Zoey trying to help Jane :)

Tummy time!

My sleeping beauty

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Laura said...

Our bedroom is our worst place too; especially when the baby is sleeping in our room which makes it so I can't clean it up at night when all the kids are asleep. I don't have any ideas for this room though - sorry! Good luck! Sounds like you're doing great. And thanks for the reminder about fly lady; mom got me that book when I had just barely gotten married and I still haven't read through all of it....maybe that explains our house. :)