Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bear World Round 2

After Yellowstone we went to Yellowstone's Bear World with Paul, Serena, and kids. We've been once before and loved it and it was just as fun this time too! Paul's van got some great bear action as we drove through the bear territory (thanks to Joe throwing a potato chip out the window...:) Their back van windows were barely cracked and all the bears came right up to the window trying to sniff out their food. Pretty fun. The petting zoo was a hit. Zoey loved it and was pretty brave to pet all the animals. Hopefully we can go again when my mom comes up in a couple weeks.
Zoey was so brave to go on this ride! She even put her hands up :)

In the chicken coop...Zoey likes the roosters

Miss Nancy Jane..she was interested in the animals this time and tried to touch a couple deer.

The grumpy pig from last time was obviously pregnant because now she's got a little piglet :)

Esther and Joe...Joe looks a little intimidated by this deer :)

This was such a pretty deer! So soft, it would just sit there licking Andrew's hand and didn't mind being pet by Zoey.

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