Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Pictures

I know women are very different than men at least my man :) Andrew doesn't like taking family pictures but I really really wanted some. Andrew was nice to enough to "grin" and bear it. I love him a lot and I love these pictures too. Andrew's cousin took some pictures of Jane as a newborn and her and her husband did an amazing job with these pictures too. I am so grateful to have such talented family members. Thank you so much Michelle and James.

Zoey is a pretty shy girl and was no different while taking these pictures. It was tough to get her to smile, but I love her pictures anyways. This one is a classic Zoey look which makes me love it even more. A little twist of the head :)
She does this whenever she has something inquisitive to say.

All of Jane's pictures were so cute. These are my two favorites. The one with the tongue is ADORABLE to me.

With two of the cutest girls in one picture...what could be better?

I love this picture because Zoey posed it :) She thought to do this all on her own. It's a mild version of what she does at home....completely smooshes Jane with all her weight. This time she didn't get in trouble for doing it and Jane didn't scream.

and as Andrew likes to call it...the engagement picture :) we look young enough I guess

This was a little funny watching them take these pictures but I thought Zoey's face in this one was a perfect capture of her cute smile.

This is my favorite family picture. Everyone looking towards the camera, cute girls, cute hubby, and my "good" side....(you know you have a good side when taking pictures too!)


Liji and Christina Waite said...

They turned out so cute! Andrew even looks genuinely happy in them; which is a good sign since he doesn't ever fake happiness, right:)? The girls are growing up so big; can't wait to see them again.

Daniel & Bridget said...

all the pictures are adorable!!!

Mandy said...

LOVE the pictures!

Julia said...

Such a cute family! Your girls are just too adorable.

Richardson Family said...

Your picures came out beautiful! All of them look so good. It's so hard to get good ones when you have little ones but your girls did a great job!

Shawnanana said...

i love the one of zoey with her head tilted! so cute!!

Jake & Rachel said...

Beautiful family pictures!

Alisa said...

I love them all. We need to see you! The girls are growing so quickly!

Anonymous said...

Christina, are you making fun of me! ... stinker :)