Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm not Crazy...yet

Sometimes I feel like I am literally going crazy! Luckily there are a few resources/remedies/resorts that have kept me from going completely wacky.
Over the years some of these things have changed, while others have continued to provide me with a good dose of sanity.

Back in high school I thought things were tough. This is what I "thought" kept me from going crazy...

AIM was huge when I was in high school. I don't know how many hours I completely wasted chatting with friends on AIM. Back then I thought I couldn't live without it.

SCHOOLS OUT! The high school I went to had a minimum day every Wednesday. We got out at like 12:30 or something great like that. It was SO nice to get a break like that in the middle of the week. I am a huge fan of reduced Wednesdays. They kept me going when the week just kept dragging on. For a while I had piano lessons on Wed. right after school. I was friends with my piano teacher's daughter and their whole family. I would ride home with them and we would always have a feast because by then we were STARVING. Those were good days :) I also enjoyed every minute of summer when school was OUT!

El Pollo Loco. Although at the time I lived at home, I didn't realize this place kept me going I definitely realize it now! This place is so yummy. They do have one in UT which I've been to, but since we are in ID now I really do miss it.

Friends. Just like any typical teenager, I loved having and hanging out with friends. While most of these friends don't really have a part in my life anymore, there are a few that I will always miss no matter what. I am blessed to have met some wonderful people in high school. As an adult/mom/wife it's super hard for me to find friends and then find time to hang out. Because of this, I have realized how important friends are. I am grateful for the friends I do have even if it's only like one... jk I have a couple more than that :)

Church. This has been a steady source of relief for the turmoil that life brings. Back in high school, I loved going to mutual, girls camp, church on Sunday, and seminary even if it did start at...6 in the morning! How in the world did I ever do that?!?!? Now as a mom, I love being able to go to church not only to have some adult time but to be spiritually fed. I also like that Zoey gets to be around other kids in nursery and I get to dress my girls up.

CHOCOLATE! This has always been a stress reliever for me. I used to love candy bars with all the nuts and caramel, and still do but now I'm all about just plain chocolate with maybe some almonds and toffee (symphony bars YUM)

Bajio, Cafe Rio, and Costa Vida are all SUPER yummy. My love for these places started in college. They are all very popular around Provo and it quickly became a well-loved tradition for me and my roommates. Oh man, I am starving right now! My favorite is the sweet pork burrito. While Cafe Rio used to be my favorite of the three, I really think Costa Vida is the best now. They are all pretty identical as far as food selection and restaurant style.

Of course, this cute guy is always there for me. He sure knows how to get me laughing and we all know that laughter is the best medicine of all.

Andrew's mom bought this once and we both fell in LOVE. It is definitely a special treat around our house. Walmart sells them for around $2.50 and I can tell you it is well worth it! It's got strawberry cheesecake ice cream with real strawberries and graham cracker pie crust. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone that likes cheesecake.

What girl doesn't love to shop? Well, I do know a few, but anyways. Shopping is so much fun for me. I know it can be bad because it make me spend more than I want, but for special occasions I won't turn a trip down! My sister Karlie just came up here for college and I'm excited to have a shopping buddy :)

Tubby Time! I WISH this were my bathtub...maybe someday :) I love baths both for myself and for my kids. It's a great way to unwind when I've had a long day. I especially love giving the kids baths. Jane loves them and I can just fill the tub up with a few inches of warm water and she just crawls around and splashes. Zoey is old enough where I can fill the bath up, leave the door open and sit out on the couch and relax for sometimes more than 30 minutes! Don't worry, our apartment is teeny so it's basically like I'm in the same room.

I am a big fan of naptime! It's hard to actually get both girls down for naps at the same time, but even just one of the girls napping makes things much more calm. My girls aren't too crazy, but somehow I still get worn out. It's also great when they go to bed at night. As much as I love my girls when they're awake, it's just so nice to have alone time with Andrew once they've gone to bed.

Zoey really hasn't watched too much TV in her day. We didn't even have a TV for her to watch from until just a few months ago. We aren't a big TV family but we do love our movies. I have a hard time letting Zoey watch just anything, but Veggie Tales has made the cut for both me and Andrew. We only had one that Zoey would watch over and over, but my mom just bought Zoey "Sweat Pea Beauty; A Girl after God's own Heart....A Tale of True Beauty." She loves it and so do I. Especially when she's young, I want to try and keep her away from all the dumb cartoons teaching your kids false realities of what happiness is (isn't!) But, my real point is that Veggie Tales has really saved me many times. When I'm just too worn out to deal with Zoey's crankiness, I can usually pop a Veggie Tales in and she'll sit quiet for quite some time. It's been great.

This morning Jane woke up first. and I nursed her. She fell back asleep between me and Andrew for another couple hours. Then she woke again and Zoey followed shortly after. They both played for a few minutes on our bed (which has been much nicer with a king vs a queen.) Then Jane got fussy and Zoey started whining for milk. After 5-10 minutes of trying to ignore their fussiness, I got up and got Zoey a sippy cup of milk and Jane a 5oz bottle. I came back and gave it to both crying girls...immediately there was dead silence (except for the snorts and grunts from them chugging their milk as fast as they could.) That silence brings SUCH relief. Milk will do it every time which is why we LOVE OUR MILK! I have a great respect for those cows :)

Sorry this post was so long. Also a little random. I always think it's fun to find out different sides of people from their blogs so hopefully someone finds enjoyment in this.
If not, it was fun for me :)


Laura said...

I love this post! Such a good thing to remember what you are thankful for! I had a roommate that would write one "thankful thing" on a list each day of November leading up to Thanksgiving Day. It was so fun! Thanks for sharing the fun things you go to for relaxation. I'm going to remember the bath-time one for my older ones. :)

Anonymous said...

Cort was just called to be the Relief Society President this week. That is why this post is titled the way it is. She is definitely fit for the job!

Alisa said...

No way! Relief Society President!! She will do awesome!

Cortney I love so many of the things you love and I love hanging out with you. You are one of my favorite shopping buddies.

Love you!