Wednesday, September 29, 2010

September has flown are a few recaps

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Things have gotten pretty busy around here with school and church callings. The beginning of September was really fun because my mom, dad, and sister Karlie came up here to ID. Karlie is a freshmen here at BYU-I and my parents were getting her all settled in. While they were here we celebrated mine and Andrews birthday. We went to a local steak house close by and had some yummy steak and homemade cheesecake. Below are just some out of order pictures from then until now. On Andrew's actual birthday we went to Yellowstone again, but that post will have to come later.
It was super fun though and perfect weather.

Jane is loving all her new treats that she can eat now.
Sometimes Zoey tries to help give her some....

Just some more yummy treats

I got my first ticket a couple weeks ago...I was on my way to Karlie's apartment and came to a red light. I decided to go right to avoid the long wait and I turned onto a fairly wide residential street (wide enough to have turning lanes.) I assumed the speed limit was 25 and got pulled over for going 33. I then found out it was a school zone (with no school in sight) so I got a ticket. Oh well, first for everything right? I had been thinking recently about when my first ticket would be. Not that I am a crazy driver. I don't purposely speed ever but I figured at some point I would probably have some bad luck. Well, it came sooner than I was expecting but for some reason I wasn't nervous at all when I saw the sirens...not quite sure what that means but I was glad I naturally remained calm through it all. Just a side note...if you noticed on the ticket that I was fined for expired insurance, our insurance wasn't really expired, we just didn't have the updated card in the car. It was easily fixed by taking a copy into the courthouse. So, I figured out you don't really need any proof of anything really because 1)they can look up your license with your name and birthday 2) they can look up your registration with your plate number and 3) you can just take your insurance in to prove you have it and they take the fee right off. I didn't have any of the things they asked for and he told me I was "supposed" to carry them but they really can't punish me for not having them (unless your insurance is really expired.) Good to know :)

She obviously doesn't appreciate the phrase "beauty is pain" :) I started doing Zoey's hair in sponge rollers occasionally to try and avoid having to do it in the morning. I got a new calling in church that makes it hard for me to get my girls ready in the morning. Zoey's hair can be cute but only if I take the time to do it, otherwise it's just really bad bed head. Since I've done it in curlers, I've figured out that I can't have her sleep in them or they don't last (she pulls them out) so I put them in when the hairs almost dry and leave them in during the day. It's pretty cute; I'll have to get a picture.

Eating Daddy's yummy cheesecake.

Eating at the yummy steakhouse in Rigby.

The birthday boy and girl.

Zoey singing Happy Birthday to her Daddy (ignore my annoying voice that appears so much louder in the video than I ever remember singing)

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Laura said...

I just got my first ticket just recently too! Shane and I were joking about it while the officer was going back and forth from his car to ours. :)
Thanks for updating! And...happy belated birthday to you both!