Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Some Yellowstone pictures from last month

Late, late, late...I know. I was doing so good with blogging and then everything just fell apart. I like when people actually come to my blog and for that to happen I need to be a regular blogger....I will keep trying. Anyways, here's the blog about our last trip to Yellowstone. It was so much fun. We stayed the whole day in the Geyser area around Old Faithful. It's amazing how much time you can spend on just one portion of the park. It was Andrew's birthday and I think he enjoyed it. He was the photographer for the day and he did an awesome job. I didn't really post many nature shots because I always end up skipping over them on other people's blogs...(it's true sorry.) The kids were pretty good except for the end of the day when we needed Jane's bottle and formula. In our rush to leave we forgot it and she did fine on baby food most of the day but really wanted her milk towards the end. She was getting pretty cranky on the way home when all the sudden I realized we had our 72 hour kit in the car fully equipped with the needed bottle and formula. I was grateful we had recently put that together but wished I would have remembered it 8 hours earlier :)

You don't even have to tell me, I already know Jane is the cutest little girl :)

Daddy and the girls

Zoey's cute little thoughtful face.

My goofy girl

So tired, but LOVE those cheeks

Watching Old Faithful

Taking a nice break from carseats to enjoy the crystal clear pots of water

Zoey really did enjoy herself

The water there is beautiful even if it does stink :)

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