Thursday, September 2, 2010

A post for all you nursing mothers out there

I feel fine writing this blog for two reasons...1) my blog is private and 2) I'm 99.9% sure that all the people visiting my blog are female....what male blogs I mean, come on :)

So I'm having a problem with nursing my baby girl. I think almost every mom at some time or another goes through a problem with nursing. The problems I've faced have so far been fairly easy to handle and resolve.

My first encounter was with Zoey as a newborn. She would scream her head off if the milk didn't automatically come right in and would get so upset that it really took some work to actually get her to suck enough to actually make the milk come in. That was pretty hard now that I think of it.

Second big problem was Zoey not getting enough milk. Easily fixed with formula to compensate for what I lacked.

Third problem was when I stopped nursing Zoey. She had slowly gotten down to only nursing in the morning and it was such a little amount that she was done in 2 minutes. I figured I could stop at any point and be just fine. I had a calling in Young Womens and was going to girls camp for one night and two days. Zoey was 12 months and I figured it was the ideal time to stop. I went to girls camp early one morning (didn't nurse her that morning) and by night my milk had come in but no big deal. I slept on my stomach in my sleeping bag that night which may have contributed to the pain I felt. The next day I was full of milk but didn't really have a choice at this point. My ride wasn't leaving until after testimony meeting that night. By that time I was light headed, very dizzy, and was throwing up...a lot. The drive home was not very fun. I've never felt so out of it. We all figured I had mastitis and the only way to fix it was to nurse. As soon as I got home I woke Zoey up and nursed. I slept much better that night and nursed her for another month or so....I still can't remember how I eventually weaned her which is weird. Another fact I might add is I was pregnant with Jane through all of this which may or may not have contributed to anything.

When little Janey came along I was sure my nursing problem days were over. She seriously nursed for 20 straight minutes two minutes after she was born! This was unheard of for me as Zoey took weeks to get it all down. Jane has nursed very well up until now....I'm stumped on this one guys. She just won't have it anymore. It's more than just the "i'm distracted so I don't want to nurse." She nurses for about 30 seconds like normal, the milk comes in and she'll eat for a little while then all the sudden she jerks her head away and screams. I know she's not in pain, it's not that kind of scream. It's more of the "I'm so annoyed that you're forcing me to drink, let me GO." Weird. Now I know people have said that their babies just all of the sudden stop nursing. I imagine that's what's going on so I think I've made the decision to stop forcing her. My only problem now is how do I keep from getting mastitis? It was one of the worst experiences ever so I'm scared to wean if that's what it does to me! What's the best way to wean? I know I've done it once before but I try to think back on how I eventually did it and all I get is a bunch of blank nothings. Not sure where those brain cells went (scary!) I need some help from all you women out there.

Another kind of makes me sad to stop nursing at only 7 months. I just assumed Jane was a born nurser. What makes them all the sudden hate it? It doesn't even provide any sort of comfort anymore. Is it me driving her away, the taste of the milk, or what? Something's gotta trigger it right?

Once Jane came along


Liji and Christina Waite said...

So.... does that mean another little Jane is coming along?????

Cortney said...

...I really don't think I'm pregnant though I've heard that can trigger it. Now you've got me second guessing things lol.

Richardson Family said...

They say to stop doing the feedings in the day and keep doing the early morning feeding and the night feeding. Once that is fine to stop one of those feedings so you only do it in the morning or at night, and then you just stop the last feeding. With Katya I left the early morning one for last because I got to sleep more. Also I have heard putting cabbage leaves in your bra helps to stop swelling if you are just going to quit all together. My cousin did that and she said it worked. Also face your back to the shower so the warm water doesn't stimulate milk. Hope any of that is helpful. Not sure if you are just wanting to cold turkey it or actually wean. But try those. Good Luck :)

Alisa said...

I was thinking what Christina was thinking....

Or could she have a sore throat? Has she been stuffy at all? It's hard for them to eat when they feel like they can't get any air.

Or she just decided she needs to be able to see the world while she eats and nursing is too constraining.

I would try the morning and night thing and then cut one out at a time. I'm sorry you have to stop before your ready. That is not fun I'm sure!

The Lewis Family said...

I guess it depends on how long you have been trying, it could be teething, it could be sickness, or maybe you diet is different? If still you want to quite, seriously dude, wrap your chest up with an ace bandage when the most empty, or like a couple of sports bras, and that will help keep them down. Then pretend you have allergies, and take some anithistamines, that helps dry up your milk ;) Lucky for me, I really do have killer allergies, so I bust it out when nursing is over.


Michelle said...

I went through exactly that issue with Elena!!! I couldn't figure out how to stop nursing her! I tried 3 different times and got really sore breasts/sick and had to get priesthood blessings for it too. I never felt like I ever had "milk" when I was nursing her, so I never even knew how bad it was until I got sick. I didn't even get swollen/full breasts, so it was really frustrating.

I had to do it slowly. I dropped a feeding one week, then dropped another one the next week, and then waited a few days and dropped the other one - and then I was done and that's how I did it.

But I was going to say - With Jack, he just stopped being interested too. I started weaning him, and dropped his feedings when he was 9 months, and then decided to keep trying (he had been biting me) but by then he was done and wasn't interested. It was really easy with him, so I thought it would be the same with Lane - but nope. My sis. Jen realized her baby stopped nursing because her milk turned bad (usually due to a different hormone in the milk - in her case pregnancy), so... maybe you ate something or something is going on with the milk. It doesn't seem like she fights latching on or the idea of nursing, just after the milk comes in