Monday, November 8, 2010

Boy do we LOVE Jane!

Jane has a special place in our family. She definitely adds "something" to our home that we just can't live without :) Andrew and I love are always trying to describe that "something" about Jane that is just so addicting, adorable, hilarious, and down right irresistible (took me about two full minutes to track down that word in my vocabulary :) As much as we try to describe miss Nancy Jane, we just can't quite figure out what that special "something" is. All I know is she has got some personality. It's going to be so fun to see her grow up. I tried to upload some photos that showed what I was trying to's almost a sneaky little attitude but in a very humorous, comical way. Almost like she knows just what to do to get you to crack up. She's our little comedian. LOVE her!!!

She's shaking her head "no,no,no" See that little sneakiness in her eyes?...told you...CUTE!

Jane learned how to dig in the trash. I had just thrown away the last of some chocolate cake that we didn't end up eating. IMMEDIATELY after (she had obviously been watching) she B-lines for the trash and before I could even turn around to see what she was doing she had her hands fully submerged in the chocolate cake. Then before I could get to her, she had both hands stuffing her face. I wanted Andrew to see it so I kind of let her continue. As Andrew was grabbing the camera Jane does a free fall backwards gripping the trash can the whole way down. Somehow my supernatural instincts kicked in and caught her a split second before she hit the ground....but somehow I ended up sprawled out on the floor with a huge bruise on my rump. While I was pitying myself and my fall, Jane took full advantage of the situation to stuff as much cake into her mouth as she could. What a little stinker! We were all laughing pretty hard and Jane got away with a lot of chocolate cake :)

Tubby time!!

Big, bright smile

As with all babies this age, Jane too love to suck on strings, ropes, hair, cloth, etc.

Love the drool...and those gorgeous eyes!


Allyssa said...

I love how she knew just where to go to get into that amazing cake :o)

Laura said...

Lilly has a funny, cute, mischievous smile too! Maybe she and Jane worked on the look together before joining our two families. :)
Jane sure is a cutie! You'll have to let us know the next time you come down so we can get the kids together again - Josh still sometimes mentions Zoey's first birthday; isn't that crazy that he can remember it?