Monday, November 8, 2010

Zoey's new Haircut

I've probably said this before but I really like little girl bobs on little girls. It's so age appropriate and easy to do. Here are the options I have found with Zoey's hair...

-Keep it short and have an adorable little bob for two years until it's really ready to grow out. Then it can grow in even and full.


-Suffer through two years of scraggle-head and end up with.....long scraggly hair that tangles and is never done because little girls hate getting their tangles combed out. Plus, she probably won't want me to cut it then anyways because she will like "long princess hair" and think her knotted tangle head qualifies as such.

I choose the bob. Every time I cut it, it solidifies my opinion on how much better it looks. Sometimes Andrew says it looks like boy hair but we sure do get a lot of compliments so it's gotta be somewhat cute right? It sure does fit Zoey's cute, goofy personality. I'll let you guys decide for yourself...

I went for a slight A-line this was fun to try but I definitely messed up a lot more.

Love her smile :)

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Shawnanana said...

i love her cute little hair cort!