Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was SUPER fun this year. It's always been one of my favorite holidays mostly for the dressing up part. Obviously nothing beats Thanksgiving and Christmas but it's just fun to have a reason to party :) I made all our costumes and Andrew made his own. I thought they turned out pretty cute but Jane's was hands down the cutest costume ever :) It hardly took any time but turned out exactly how I wanted it to. When deciding I was trying to pick a costume that would fit her looks and age. I picked a caterpillar with the intentions of having her little caterpillar bum sway and bounce as she crawled. It worked perfectly. If you need help identifying exactly which caterpillar Jane was click here. Zoey's costume was really fun because it really fit her. I'll let you guess who she was (click for a hint here.) I got the idea for mine from my sister Britt. I tried to incorporate a little of Disney's movie "Tangled" into it so it was pretty fun.
I want to try and always dress up because I think kids really like when their parents dress up.

Halloween started out with our ward Halloween party the Monday before. On Saturday we went to a Halloween carnival put on by make-a-wish and then went over to a friends house for some food and fun. Afterwards we went trick or treating! The real day of Halloween (Sunday) we had a bunch of Andrew's cousins over for dinner. My sister and our nephew Steven also came. It was so fun to visit with all of them. We definitely need to do this more often!

I didn't get any pictures at the ward Halloween party but this is the girls
with their treats right after.

Saturday in Idaho was considered Halloween since Sunday is the Sabbath. First stop was a little Halloween carnival at a local park. Karlie came with us and we won some sweet prizes including two duffle bags, a free pizza, and a ton of free frosties. This is the best picture of my hair from both times I dressed up.

Karlie and the cuties

Love Zoey's cute little smirk

One of many pictures of Jane's costume. This one's a good one of the cute stuffed tail.

First candy of the night.

What a beautiful little girl :) We forgot her hat at this carnival but
there are many pictures later on.

Jane got used to her costume pretty quickly. I love this picture because
it really looks like a caterpillar.

Zoey doing some crafts at Monica's apartment. They made ghost suckers.

Janey and her Daddy

Because her bum got in the way of sitting, she quickly learned how to prop herself up on it to improvise. The first few minutes she was just frustrated but surprisingly didn't care the rest of the time. What a cutie!

Another one of her "sitting" pictures :) Makes me giggle every time.

Oh how glad I am that this smile got captured on camera. I just love my little Zoey!!!!

Andrew and I...reminds me of princess and the goblin

Family photo all dressed up.

All ready to go trick or treating!!! First time with my kids, I was pretty excited :)

Zoey's costume is the cutest from the back

...she ended up going home early with dad and went to pooper! jk

Zoey insisted on walking by herself the WHOLE time. Needless to say, it was a pretty slow walk for the rest of us! The only time she would hold hands is if one of her "friends" held her hand. She is definitely growing up!

Next house...hopefully they don't mind cutting through the grass because we did it a lot :/

Janey and her cousin (andrew's cousins kid) Jimmy.
They are at similar stages in life lol so they got along quite well.

Zoey and cute little Jack. They had fun playing together until the very end.
Then everyone was just tired...especially Zoey. I'm glad we started fairly early so the kids
could play together for awhile.

Michelle, Tommi & Alan (two cousins with a wife in the middle)

Andrew, James, Jesse & Julie (three hubby's and a wife :)

Steven and new wife Katie...cute couple!

My sister Karlie and our oldest nephew Steven did the dishes for us...that was AWESOME!!! Best guests ever seriously :) Thank you!

Just a little cupcake decorating contest.


Marissa and Levi said...

So cute! I can't wait till Brighton is a little older and ready to go trick or treating! This year we went swimming :) Oh.. and I need to get in on some of your crafty projects..there's just not enough cut stuff out there to do for boys, but I figure I'll have a girl eventually! :)

Alisa said...

I'm so glad your getting together with the cousins up there. Looks like you had a great Halloween. I still need to post my Halloween stuff.