Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We've had a fun and busy week!

It's been a pretty fun, but busy week so far. Those are always the best kind of weeks because they make you feel like you were both productive and happy at the same time.

First off, Jane and Zoey played in the snow with their upstairs buddy Brighton. They all had fun being pulled in the sled and Zoey especially like sledding down the small hills around our complex.

Zoey loves playing in the snow!

Snow Angel

Jane did pretty well out in the cold

First run, Zoey and Brighton

Second run, Zoey and Jane

Third run, everyone. This was pretty cute to watch :)

Next up, we have our sick little Janey. There have been some long nights because babies nostrils are only so big and when you add a bunch of snot to that well....they just can't sleep well! I thought the colds came from the cold, but I just discovered Jane's first tooth so I'm sure that didn't help. Zoey got over her cold quickly and we are back to normal. My favorite part about all of this is that Jane has been Miss Cuddle Bug. I.LOVE.IT!!!! It's so nice when they just want to sit there and rest their head on you.

Not a great picture but here's my Janey giving me loves

We also got a fun visit from Nanny and Papa! They came and spent the night at our house. Here is Zoey watching them leave. I love this picture because you can see Nanny's kisses on her cheek:)

A couple days ago we got to have some of Zoey's friends over for a few hours. They had tons of fun. We had a picnic (in the kitchen of course), colored pictures, played with toys, ate snacks, and danced to music in pretty ballerina skirts. The Salter's are going to Canada to have their baby so we won't be seeing these girls until Jan. We will sure miss them!

Goofy girls...notice how happy Zoey is...well all of them for that matter.

Jane was a part of the fun too!

Here are just some random pictures of the week...

Zoey with Marshmallow face. I like her new way of smiling/smirking

I trimmed Jane's hair the other day, just around her ears. Then I decided to put a little clip in it and it sure was cute :) Look at her ADORABLE smile.

Today we went and visited with Zoey's great grandma Shirley (Andrew's mom's mom) in Idaho Falls.

I let Zoey bring her stroller with us. It was so funny to watch her stroll is amongst all the elderly people with their walkers. She fit right in lol

Grandma and the girls

Just finished this little project today! I LOVE it and can't wait to display it on my front door in a week or so. It was extremely easy and most of the ornaments were in $1 sets from the dollar store, target, and walmart. The idea originated from here. You can seriously do it for like 5 or 6 bucks if you stick to dollar sets. Target had really good variety in their dollar spot. If I had gone their first I would have saved a few bucks.


Alisa said...

So cute! I love the pictures and the cute wreath.

Shawnanana said...

they are so cute all bundled up for the snow!!

Jake & Rachel said...

ohh I am so making that wreath for next year! The girls are so cute in their snow clothes!