Saturday, March 27, 2010

Some cute Zoey pictures

I got some studio pictures of Zoey that turned out really cute. There were a lot but these are a few of my favorites. I was planning on taking Jane too but she is getting really congested and I wanted to play it safe plus two hours of being in a studio with two little girls sounded hard.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just a bunch of fun pictures

Sorry there are so many pictures. They are random and out of order but one's I thought were sweet/funny/too cute not to post. Enjoy.

Nancy Jane was being too cute today. I got some really cute pictures of her. Love this girl!

Cute smile!!!

Look at those cheeks and those big round eyes!

Jane has got a double chin :) I love it. She's my little chub

Snoozin in style

Thank you target for this $4 outfit. Zoey thinks it's "cute"

I LOVE this picture because it catches one of Zoey's cute faces that she does. She does it mainly when she's really excited about something. It reminds me of home videos I've seen of me when I was younger.

Idaho is still cold this time of year.

Zoey's Minnie paraphernalia from when Grammy took her to Disneyland.

Zoey is NOT a messy girl. She whines and whines when her hands gets dirty until they are clean. There aren't many pictures of her really dirty so I had to catch one while I could.

Zoey saying good-bye to her bedroom for the past year....the closet. My dad calls her Harry Potter :) At least it was a big closet. She now has her own room until Jane gets big enough to join her.

One day Zoey woke up from her nap and saw this unopened Barbie of mine that I for some reason still had. She got SO excited and kept begging me to "opit" (open it)

Jane puts up with a lot from Zoey.

Zoey is always giving hugs and kisses and wants to "help you" whenever she can.

How can she sleep like this?

We don't have many friends especially since we just moved in. This is a friend from our old ward that Zoey got to play with. She loves friends!

Makin popcorn


Thanks to Andrew's cousin (would that be my cousin-in-law?) Michelle, I got the cutest idea for easter cupcakes. I found them on her blog and thought Zoey would love to help me make them and she sure did! They were a lot of work however but that's because I didn't have cake mix or frosting so I had to make those from scratch. But, it was fun to find a yummy cake and frosting recipe and I learned some good baking techniques along the way. The recipes turned out delicious! It was one from Magnolia's Bakery that was featured on the food network. The link takes you to the recipe for both cake and frosting. It's fun to get into the easter mood. I always find holidays creeping up on me and then it's too late to plan any fun crafts so this year I want to be better.

Finished product, cute!

What a girly girl! Look at those crossed legs, she does this on her own :)

Too many cadbury eggs in a mouth much too small

Zoey's cupcake that she helped decorate

Putting toasted coconut on top, she ate more than she put on.

St. Patty's Day

St. Patrick's Day was fun this year. I forgot about it until halfway through the day. So I changed Zoey's and my clothes and Jane sported some cute green mary jane socks and a paci :) (below). Even Andrew dressed up although he says he didn't do it on purpose. For dinner we had green smoothies, green sugar snap peas, and Cajun chicken and tortellini's with roasted red pepper sauce. We also ate our food on green dishes and as Andrew would like to make fun, we even had green striped straws with our drinks :)

Zoey did like it even though the first bite may not seem too appetizing. She LOVED the smoothie the best.

Here's the meal. It was really good and healthy!

I was surprised at how much green food/dishes I had for not having anything green planned. I lucked out that the tortellini's were spinach and that I happened to buy the peas and that the only colored plates I had were green. The smoothie could have been done with spinach but I didn't have any so I threw in some food coloring. Anyways, it's always fun to have holidays to celebrate!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I went to the dentist today to have some fillings done. I came home numb and hungry so I started eating some cereal. Zoey comes up to me pointing and saying milk. I tell her yes, I had milk in my bowl. She continues to say milk (it's normal for her to repeat things many times). After I finish my cereal I get up and Zoey points to my mouth and keeps saying milk. I realize that I probably have milk all over my face. Sure enough when I looked in the mirror I had milk dripping off my chin. I'm sure it was there awhile which is why she initially started saying milk. I thought it was pretty funny :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Little Miss Jane

Here's what little miss Jane is looking like these days...cute as can be :) I love her big beautiful eyes and her sweet smile. I took some time today when the lighting was good to take some pictures of Jane in the cute outfit that my sister-in-law Shanna got for her. They turned out pretty good.
I LOVE these cute little Mary Jane socks!

Love the eyes

Her smile is so pretty

This picture was inspired by a greeting card where they had the baby's fists in the shape of a heart so thats what I was going for.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Strawberry Days at the Olsen Home

Today was strawberry day at the Olsen home. We learned about strawberries, what color they are, how they taste, what we can make with them, and we even sat on a strawberry blanket.

I decided that Zoey needs more structure in her days. Although she is a really good girl almost all the time, I feel like I've taken advantage of that and consequently forget that she needs to have more interaction with things besides her toys. So, I want to start a sort of preschool time that I do with her each day. I want to have some sort of a lesson/theme. Yesterday we learned about Zoey's name and how to spell it. Today was strawberries of course. Not sure how the rest will go, but I feel better knowing she learned something during the day. I would LOVE your suggestions on more fun lessons I can do.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Smiles

I finally caught Jane's beautiful smile on camera. What a pretty little girl.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Smart idea

I found this cute/smart idea on a friend's blog. It's a zipper that zips top to bottom or bottom to top! Great for diaper changes. It's also really cute. Check it out. (in case you're wondering, the picture below is not Jane :)
 Made Me Blush Collection