Monday, May 31, 2010

Hawaii Teaser

Well the horrible cold weather of Idaho and Utah drove us to Hawaii. I wish I could say I moved here but unfortunately we will only be here for ten days. Here are just a few snaps from our magical Hawaiian vacation. It is my first time so I am trying to soak it all in. We are here with a lot of Andrew's family so that makes it all the more fun. So far we have done lots of beach and pool time with a trip to church and pearl harbor. Lots more to come!

Baby Andrew

I've been wanting to write this post for a long time so here I go. My sweet little nephew Andrew David Bare was born on May 10th. He was having trouble breathing and eventually they found out that his veins running from his lungs to his heart were not connected right. Basically he wasn't getting the right amount of oxygenated blood. When he was just four days old he went in for open heart surgery. This little boy had all of his blood from his whole little body taken out. His body was chilled to a certain temp (I can't remember the exact temp. but I think in the 60's) and hsi heart was chilled to an even lower temp. I guess that helps to kind of "pause/preserve" things while the surgery is taking place. What a lot for such a tiny person to go through. He did great however (as well as the medical staff/surgeon) and has been through a great/long recovery. He finally got to go home a few days ago but is still on oxygen and has a feeding tube. Because he never got a chance to eat after he was born he is having a hard time knowing how. It breaks my heart knowing how much this little guy has gone through. What a trooper! I love him so much. I got to visit him a couple times while he was at primary children's. Once a day after surgery and then again a few days before he went home. I'm not sure the real reason I wanted to post about him, just felt like I needed to. Prayers are much appreciated even now.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kenyon Family Reunion

Two weeks ago we had a first ever Kenyon Family Reunion. It took place at Kodachrome State Park in UT....near Bryce Canyon. We had a great time together. The best part was a hike we went on through some slot canyons. It was super fun! My kind of hike....easy, pretty, shady, and has water :) Zoey and Jane did great all three nights we were there. The first night was really chilly and they slept through it all. Here are some pictures in no particular order.

Zoey and second cousin (my cousins son) Josh

Andrew, my brother Dallin, and my dad....I think my dad is trying to show off his muscle...not sure where he got that idea...silly dad :)

Beautiful sunset

Grammy, Aunty Bre, and Grampa with Zoey

The awesome hike through the slot canyons

Hat hair...I should've left my hat on

Miss Nancy Jane on the hike

Karlie and Dallin

Awww :)

A lot of Kenyons

Mother's day was delicious! Eggs, sausage, hash browns, orange juice yum!

Sunscreen is a MUST for this fine little girl

ok may I take a moment to brag...I just LOVE my two girls. They have GOT to be the cutest things living :)

Packing my little peanut

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The cutest thing ever

I had to post these pictures because they are just so cute to me! Tonight right as it was getting dark we decided to run over to this neat park and take a quick bike ride (I think it was mainly to test out Andrew's new "bike rack" he got at DI:) I didn't think Jane was big enough to ride in the bike trailer with Zoey but it worked just fine. It was the cutest thing ever to see them sitting there together all bundled up....especially because Jane has these big bright eyes and she's just sitting there like...well you get the picture...they're just so cute together. I love my girls :)

This is after the bike ride....I couldn't stop laughing. Jane is just TOO cute

My little girlies.

All bundled up and ready to ride

Beautiful Baby Girl

Nancy Jane Olsen 4 months old

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

4 months old!

Nancy Jane went in for her 4 month appointment today. She got her shots which went great. Well she did cry but after experiencing Zoey with her last shots, Jane did amazing. It's easier for me to watch a little baby cry than a toddler. I'm talking real crying not just the whiney stuff. For Jane all I had to do was stick a baba in her mouth and she forgets anything even happened. Zoey was like that too as a baby, but after she turned one it was a nightmare. Even just going to the doctor brought so much emotion and turmoil to such a little girl. It's really hard for me to see her like that because it stays with her unlike little Jane.

Anyways, Jane weighed in at 12 lbs 4 oz. (20%), 24 in long (37%), head circum 11%. Pretty average even though to me she's a cute little chunk :) I'll take a picture of her tomorrow and post it for her four month.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Haircut for Zoey

Well, the title is misleading. It's not really a haircut, more a hairtrim. I don't really know what qualifies for Zoey's first haircut. I've never really "cut" her hair. I've always just trimmed the back to avoid a mullet. The first time I did this was just a few months ago and I've done it a few times since. So, no one notices but me. Her hair is easier to do and looks fuller/less stragely (is that a word :) So, here is little miss Zoey after a trim.


Not much has gone on lately. We are mainly just hanging out at home. The weather has taken a turn for the worse. Today we actually woke up to snow everywhere...yuck! But, I have spent some much needed time getting organized. Between my own ideas, friends ideas and some from fly lady I have been trying to keep a consistant schedule. It's been going quite well. Not saying our house is spotless at ALL, just that I don't get as behind on things like dishes, laundry, clutter spots etc. My biggest problem area is my own bedroom...any tips?
It seems like clothes overtake it even though I have gone through my wardrobe and significantly cut down on it's size. The girls are getting SO big. I can't believe how fast things change in just a few months.

Love those cheeks! It's a new experience for me coming from skinny little Zoey but I LOVE it :)

Matching dresses :)

Zoey loves having a little pal.

Zoey trying to help Jane :)

Tummy time!

My sleeping beauty