Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

My sister-in-law Alisa bought Zoey a present too :) We love her cute pj's

My dad thinks this looks like Zoey is giving Jane the 411 on what life is really like :) cute

She is always sleeping so this is one of the only open eyed shots :)
She's so itty bitty

Nanny, Papa, and grandchild #59

Daddy and baby girl

cute little profile

just after her tubby. Andrew got to give her a full bath. That was neat

Zoey REALLY loves her baby sissy. She whines to get near her and when she is she won't stop kissing her and just getting as close to her as she can (she's pretty gentle thankfully). Today she gave Jane a bunch of kisses and followed by saying "Iwuvoo" along with her sign for "I love you". It's the first time I've ever heard Zoey say I love you without being told it was so special for me to hear that.

just getting home from the hospital

Right about to leave the hospital


The Hulls said...

Congratulations!!! She's just darling! I love the pictures of her and Zoey together!

Jake & Rachel said...

I love all the pictures! She looks like a perfect bitty baby! Nothing like a new baby to make your old baby look huge, huh? Zoey looks like she loves her. Congrats guys!

Breanna said...

Holy cuteness batman! They both look so cute!

Bethany said...

So adorable!! Thanks for inviting me!!

Alisa said...

So cute. Sorry we didn't make it all the way to see you. The kids revolted against more driving & some of the kids are a little stuffy so didn't want to pass on any sniffles. Love the pictures. They are both so cute!!

Polly said...

Wonderful pictures! Congrats to all of you.