Monday, January 25, 2010

Time Flies!

Time sure flies with these newborns! I can't believe she is 1 1/2 weeks already! I feel like we just brought her home, crazy. Things have gone well around the house. Zoey really likes her baby Jane. She is as gentle as she knows how to be :) and loves holding her and giving her kisses...lots of kisses. She lets me know what every part of Jane's body is called along with the bodily noises. I never missed a toot, poop, burp, or cry with Zoey around. She is also a great helper getting diapers and wipes for the baby. I love it! She hasn't acted jealous....yet :) Jane is doing really well too. Last Friday she weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. which is 1 oz. up from her birth weight. She was only a week old at the time so this was great news for me! She just seems so itty bitty that I am happy she is gaining over an ounce a day. Zoey stressed me out not eating very well so this is relieving. Jane has also been sleeping pretty good. The last few nights she has been sleeping almost 5 straight hours before she wakes up to eat. Then she'll sleep another 3-4. I feel blessed to be getting some sleep. We are also grateful to friends in the ward that have brought meals in. Andrew has been especially grateful :) Between the Relief Society and my fellow Young Womens leaders we have been well taken care of. Enjoy some pictures of the two girls.

You can see the start of a little smile :)

Zoey is sure happy to be a big sissy

She is always asking to "hojoo" (meaning "hold you" to the baby)

Jane looks so teeny in this picture...she is teeny

Zoey tried pushing Jane around in her new babydoll stroller...I watched VERY closely :)

Just another sister bonding moment :)

After Jane's first bath

Such a cute little face :)

I love how peaceful she looks


kkrich said...

wow wow wow! number 2 is already here! jane is wonderful congrats.

Michelle said...

So many cute outfits and bows! I'm so glad Zoey is doing so well. And what fun to have so many pics with both girls. Jack is not a good pic taker, so I don't have a lot of pictures with he and Elena that turn out, ha. :) Glad you are getting taken care of. If you need anything let us know!

Jake & Rachel said...

Your delivery with Jane sounded so serene and perfect! I just love that pic of Zoey on the bench, she is such a cutie. And Jane is a beauty too.