Monday, April 19, 2010

Bear World

We had a GREAT day at Bear World on Sat. It was so nice to see that there is something to do in Idaho! haha. It was the opening weekend and we couldn't have asked for better weather. Plus, it is half off on weekends until May so that was great. I think we're going to get season passes since it was so much fun. This is how the day went....first you drive through "Bear World" and see lots of bears, dear, elk, a buffalo, wolves, moose, and other animals. You view them from your car and you are able to drive through as many times as you want. After that section they have their gift shop, petting zoo, baby bear cubs, and carnival rides. The petting zoo was awesome. They had peacocks, dear, roosters (zoey's favorite), a pig, chickens, goats, ducks, quails, and lots more. They were all just roaming free with a ton of kids running around. We all had fun and spent most of the time in there. Zoey would chase the roosters and chickens and mimicked the rooster every time it crowed. Afterwards Andrew took Zoey on some carnival rides which she loved. She even rode her first roller coaster :) Enjoy the pictures.

Here are the baby bears and boy are they CUTE! You could even pet them.

Zoey was one tired girl after a fun-filled day.

People can pay to go on these tours where they feed the bears. We got lucky enough to enter the park right behind one of the tours. We got some awesome bear action!

A bear tree

Bears right outside our door eating scraps.

This was the coolest. Right after the feeding tour vehicle left, this bear lingered. It was RIGHT outside our door and really BIG. I knocked on the door and it started starring at us. I thought it was pretty neat.

Zoey and Daddy having fun

Here's me and Jane looking at the huge moose. Andrew pet it and wanted me to too but I didn't.

I think Andrew had Zoey pet it...scary!

LOVE this picture. Zoey is just walking with the ducks...too cute!

A really ugly pig. So ugly Zoey would not touch it or go any closer. I don't blame her...when I got too close it got REALLY grumpy :)
Here's a really cute/short video of Zoey and the rooster. She really liked them especially when they cockadoodledood :) I hardly ever have the patience to post videos on here so this should be a treat for y'all

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