Tuesday, April 6, 2010

lots of easter pictures

Me and the girls on Easter. I really needed some make-up oh well.

Easter outfits

Cute little Nancy Jane

I love when they curl up like this

Look mom chocolate!

Carefully peeling off the wrapper

Zoey with cousins Austin and Luke. If/when I have boys I HOPE they look like this. They are the cutest little boys.

Zoey and Austin, they look like brother and sister :)

Showing me her loot

This basket is heavy!

Wait a minute, how did all my eggs fall out?

My pretty baby

On the hunt

The line of cousins ready to pounce. Before Papa organized them into a line, there was a huge mob by the door. Someone accidentally opened the door and they started shoving their way to get out. I had to scramble to get Zoey before she got trampled. I now understand mob mentality. whew, good thing papa stepped in.

These girls love to take care of Zoey.

We woke up to a good couple inches of snow easter morning. This is what was left after it melted. Luckily is was pretty nice by the time the egg hunt came around.

Jane and Daddy on the piano. I have a picture of Zoey and Andrew the same way around the same age. I'll have to post them together sometime.

More of Zoey's fan club. She loves her cousins.

Zoey and Jane. Zoey's stuffing her mouth with cookies that were in her easter basket.

Beautiful Bella in her Easter outfit

I love these gorgeous eyes!

I love how Jane is starring at Zoey admiringly :)

Zoey loved all of her "teets"

Cutest little girl ever!

Zoey is helping Jane open her basket. Jane got a cute little bear toy and a baby photo album

Some of the pretty easter eggs we colored

I'm sure Zoey is about to say "messy". She hates being messy. and look at her adorable cousin Austin! I love his eyes.

Dying easter eggs

more cousins dying eggs

Playing soccer. Zoey looks so little!

A yummy treat from the Maceys easter hunt

A group of cousins with the easter bunny

Savannah, Katie, and Hailey. Cute girls!

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