Thursday, April 15, 2010

A job well done!

This week I gave myself a job well done :) I feel like I accomplished a few more things than I normally do during a weeks time.....I'm not saying I got like a TON of major projects done, just saying I showed some improvement. Here are the things I DID get done....

-I potty trained Zoey....that by itself is a big deal for me.
-I started Jane on a better schedule. She was doing GREAT without one, but I felt bad that she was just kind of getting whatever whenever (attention, food, playtime, bathtime, etc.). She has been starting to sleep 9 hours a night and I want it to stay that way!
-I FINALLY organized our bedroom. We moved in the end of Feb. so it's high time that got done.It felt GREAT to get that done and makes the room seem so much bigger.
-I also organized Zoey's room as much as I can right now.
-I washed the bathrugs.....this may seem easy but I've been putting it off for like two years haha. I would just resort to running the vacuum over them but now that they are washed they seem brand new.

That's all the big stuff. Unfortunately while I was doing all of this, the kitchen got somewhat neglected :( I have been so good at keeping up on the dishes and just keeping the kitchen tidy. The one thing I can't stand is a dirty kitchen, it makes me feel like my house is filthy, so it was hard having it untidy this week. Hopefully now that those rooms are organized I can keep up with the whole house (small apartment that is :) If anyone has any good tips on keeping a clean home let me know! I need some good organizing strategies. For example, what's your process for organizing your kids clothes/storing ones that are too small?

I could use the help :)

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Laura said...

Storing the kids' clothes is something that I'm still working on but here's what works for me right now.
I have a bunch of similar size boxes. I put the clothes into the boxes by size (or when they wore them, since sometimes the sizes are different for different brands). As I empty one with the bigger/newer clothes, I fill it with the smaller clothes. I do have to re-label the box sometimes but this works well so I only have one box of girls clothes open at a time.