Friday, April 16, 2010

A great mommy moment

Today I was touched by my cute little girl Zoey. She is quite the talker as some of you know. She is also a very smart and good girl. We have been doing potty training for one week now and she's doing great. It's been at least two days since her last accident and I'm so proud of her. Many times during the training I would ask Zoey "Are you wet" and she would check and say "nope". Today she kept checking her underwear without me asking and responding "nope" to herself. It was really cute. So after a few of these cute moments I was just too proud of her so I went to get her a treat for doing such a great job. Instead of giving her just one single fruit snack I gave her the remainder of the bag (about 5). She got so excited and explained to me "adabada....two! adabada...two!" which translates to "oh my goodness mommy I can't believe I got two!" Now Zoey will say just about anything you ask her to. She says "day-doo" (thank you) occasionally without being told but this time she looks at me and says "day-doo mommy, day-doo mommy!" It was so great to hear those words. I almost started crying :) Those moments are the best. I love being a mommy :)

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