Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July

We had a great Fourth of July! We first went to the Rexburg City Parade. It was pretty small but they gave out lots of candy :) Zoey didn't really run to get candy but there was so much that it got thrown right to us. We then went home and took naps. Later in the day we went to Idaho Falls for a BBQ with Christina and Liji and Liji's family. Then we headed over with some friends from our ward to grab a good spot for the fireworks and boy did we find a good one! We were as close as we could be to the launching site with a perfect view of the sky. By the end of the show we were covered in ash but it was all worth it. The Idaho Falls firework show is the biggest one in the Western US and 2nd biggest in the nation. I was NOT disappointed; they really were AMAZING! I want to try and go every year.

I don't even know why I put this picture...doesn't even do it justice.

Me and my baby at the fireworks

Janey and Daddy waiting for fireworks to start

Zoey and cute little Conner. They are nursery buddies :)

The whole gang

Aunty Christina and Nancy Jane


patriotic jello jigglers...YUM

My HAPPY baby. We love her so much!

BBQ time

Zoey with some new friends

Trying to get a good sister picture

This is how Jane started out her nap...she really is ALL smiles.

Parade time

I thought this picture turned out pretty neat

this one too

Dad and his girls

one of my favorite pictures of Janeypoo

Watching the floats

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Polly said...

Such cute pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful day!!