Monday, July 5, 2010

Zoey's Birthday Party

Zoey's Birthday celebrations started with a friend party the weekend before her actual birthday. We had a BBQ at Porter Park and lots of friends and family were able to come. It was really fun! We could tell that Zoey really liked having all the friends around even though she is pretty shy :)
I am really sorry the pictures have such horrible quality....our nice camera was dead with a missing charger so I resorted to my good 'ol ancient Kodak Easy Share 4mp....I got it for Christmas over 5 years ago. I've since decided it is not worth hanging onto and will soon have a new home at the DI.

Andrew's cousins and their families
James, Jack, Alan with baby James, Tommi feeding Elena, and Michelle

Zoey and Kaylee (from our ward)

Kaylee, Zoey, and Zoey's good friend Caleb from our old ward

Lighting Zoey's cupcake!

Her cupcakes were funfetti with rainbow chip frosting...MY favorite :) I'm sure it was her favorite too.

She blew them out with a little help from the wind :)

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