Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unsuccessful Shopping Trip

Well, today has been a great day. I got to see some great friends from home that came to ID to visit family and see BYU-I. We went out to lunch at Craigo's Gourmet Pizza which is really yummy. Afterwards I went with them to look at some apartments and the campus. After I got home I was planning on leaving the girls with Andrew to run to the craft store for something I really wanted to get. The other day when I was there, they had some stuff on sale outside their store. There was a really cute black frame, rectangular shape with a chalk board on half and places for pictures on the other half. It was just what I was looking for for our kitchen wall. It was like 3 1/2 feet by 1 1/2 feet so a good wall filler. Anyways, it was only 12 bucks and I wanted it. I went over to the store which was still open for another half hour. Their stuff outside was closed up so I went in to ask if they could grab it for me. The lady looks over to a guy (20 yr old) and asks if that was ok. He looks at me and asks what I wanted so I explained it to him. He immediately says "no, you can come back at 9 in the morning." I was pretty annoyed because there store was still open and they weren't letting me purchase an item that they were selling. I don't want to go back at 9 in the morning and I am really contemplating not giving them my business to get back at them. If only they would notice that. Anyways, after walking out empty handed I headed to Walmart for something Andrew needed. I also wanted to rent a specific movie. I get what I need and head to the machine. The movie was all checked out so I go next door to Albertsons to check their Redbox. It was out too. I call Andrew and ask him to check online to see which Redbox's had it. He told me one so i head over. I get there only to find the machine broken. By this time I wasn't going to go home having gotten nothing I went out to get. So I determinedly drove to another Redbox and finally got the movie. Finally I headed home. I am really tempted to go across the street and get some ice cream for the movie just to cheer me up. But, all in all today was a good day even with Mr. Stingypants at the craft store. Who does he think he is? :)

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