Friday, July 30, 2010

My little brother Dustin

Well, it's past midnight and I should be getting to bed but I'm not really tired. I took a nap today and I think that messed me up. As I was wasting time online, I started thinking about my little brother Dustin. He's serving a mission in the Lubbock, TX mission and has been out just under a year.

What a great brother he is. I am so happy with the person he has grown up to be. When he was little he had quite the temper. We had a couple pretty physical battles growing up (explained below)...but all in all we got along quite well.

Once when we were little, I was chasing Dustin. I don't even think he was two yet so I obviously had the advantage on the running thing. He was on a stick horse during the chase and he fell and well...broke his leg :( I have always felt bad about this, poor little Dustin. All of his video from that time period is with this huge cast on this tiny little boy. I also remember going with my mom to the doctor to have them take Dustin's cast off. As they brought out the saw to cut it off, Dustin was terrified. I'm sure being a one year old little boy, he thought they were sawing his leg off! I felt really bad for him then. What a mean sister I was :(

The second thing that I remember happening was when I was probably 10 and Dustin was 6. We were playing at my grandparents house in Ely, NV. I think I did something to make him really mad and he was chasing me. I ran into the house through the back glass door. The glass door was the kind that you open before you open the real door so it had a hinge so it doesn't smack closed. Anyways, I ran in and the door began to swing back to closed position. Right as it swung back Dustin runs into it and shatters the glass...I am not sure if he got cut but I'm guessing he did. Again what a mean sister :(

The next thing I remember was around that same age. I must have been a pretty ronchy ten year old. Anyways, I had this genius idea to play marco polo (ya know the swimming pool game) in the house! I know, I know, what a great idea! So as we were playing I was the one with my eyes open while Dustin had his closed. I don't know if I meant to lead him towards the end table but somehow he ended up running into the table and cutting something open...maybe an eyebrow, maybe a chin, not sure. Poor Dustin, had to be a victim of my lack of common sense (I was told many times growing up that I needed some common sense.)

Those are the three main things that stick out in my mind. I'm sure there were more, I'll have to ask Dustin. However, there was one thing I do remember that Dustin did to me.

I think Dustin was about 4 or 5. My sisters and I were babysitting the little kids (Dustin and Karlie.) Dustin was known to get quite the temper when he got mad. Someone did something and he got mad. He was upstairs and us girls were downstairs watching him. He brings a big play set toy (bulky, hard plastic, lots of sharp edges) out of his room and throws it at us. I was the unfortunate one who got wacked in the head. I was ok until my older sister took me into the bathroom and I saw all the blood on my face. I freaked out. It wasn't serious, no scars or stitches so everything was fine.

So I'm not sure why I posted this. I am missing my little brother and just thinking about the relationship we have. Even though there were a few bloody battles over the years, once we were out of that kid stage we never really fought. I got to go on our stake pioneer trek with him and that was really fun. He was barely old enough to go and I think he really enjoyed it. He's such a great guy. Doesn't care much about what's "cool" and what's not. I love him lots and I'm glad I got him for my brother.

Here's a few pictures I rounded up that I liked

I found this on his roommates facebook (hope no one cares) It's the first time I've seen this and thought it was HILARIOUS! Hopefully you understand that they are mocking BYU girls :) It was especially funny to me because I have a roommate picture exactly like it (below.)

Oh the good ol college days :)

Dustin and my sister Breanna.
I had to find a good one of his hair! It's awesome and we have no clue where it came from.

Dustin, Jonathan Bethke, Amy Bethke, my sister Karlie, my brother Dallin, Nicholas Bethke.
I took this picture a couple months before Dustin left on his mission. They were doing a high school musical pose. Dustin was really into it. It makes me laugh.

Dustin's eagle court of honor.


Julia said...

It sounds to me like all of those were just accidents, you can't really claim to be a mean sister :) And that's so funny, I can't picture Dustin having a terrible temper!

Cortney said...

yes they were accidents, but mostly caused by either something I instigated or one of my bright chasing a two year on a stick horse :) Dustin did have a really bad temper....with him you get the best of both worlds :) msot of the time he's just super nice and calm.