Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This may not come across as a big deal to anyone else, but it is in our home!

We have every now and then told Zoey how old she is especially around her birthday. Before her birthday we said "you're almost two" and that has stuck. Now when you ask her how old she is she will either say "I'm almost two" or "I'm two years old" but usually the former. Today she was talking to Jane. This is how their conversation went, "Jane, howahyou" (she was meaning, "How old are you.") Then she continues as if she were Jane "almost two." I came into the conversation and explained to Zoey that Jane is almost one. Even though Jane isn't almost one, I figured it would be easier to understand than introducing the concept of months...about three minutes later I asked Zoey "How old is Jane" to which she nonchalantly responded, "Jane is six months old".....I was speechless. I started laughing at Zoey and saying "how did you know that? That's so good!" and she responds with a laugh and says "THANK you mommy" hahaha. I have NEVER told her that Jane is six months old and I really can't recall when I've said it out loud. I think maybe at church someone has asked me how old Jane is and I've told them. That must be where she picked it up. She is much smarter than I ever give her credit for. I am truly amazed!
Just a cute little clip of silly Zoey.