Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Zoey Lanae!

Happy Birthday to my baby girl! I cannot believe she is two years old. You can see birth pictures here. She is the cutest little girl and so smart. She absolutely loves her little sister and always makes sure to show and tell her so. Zoey can say her own prayers now and always includes mommy, daddy, Jane, and sometimes other family members. We're having fun celebrating her birthday. We've already had a friend party at the park and she's been spoiled in many other ways. Today her and Jane are dressed as princesses and we're planning on having lots of FUN! We love you so much Zoey Lanae Olsen. I am so grateful you were sent to our family. What a LUCKY mom I am to have such a cute, petite, smart, silly, crazy, shy, beautiful, sweet, and perfect little girl!

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